The Packard Eight was a luxury automobile produced by Packard between 1924 and 1936, and was a progression from the earlier Packard Six which was first introduced in 1913.

Offered in four models, the Standard Eight, Custom Eight, De Luxe Eight, and Speedster it was initially powered by a low-compression aluminum-head L-head inline eight producing 90 bhp (hence the name). Power would be upgraded through the years.

Through the years the Eight offered optional (no extra cost) four-speed synchromesh transmission. Like other Packards of this era, it featured Ride Control, a system of dash-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. The Eight also featured automatic chassis lubrication and “shatterproof” glass.

The Eight was available on several wheelbases: 127.5 in and 134.5 in for the 1930 Standard Eight, 140 in and 145.5 in for the De Luxe in 1931, 130 in and 137 in for the 1932 Standard Eight. For 1938, the Eight’s wheelbase was stretched 7 in over 1937, and the body was also wider.

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