Selling Classic Cars at Classic Promenade

Located in the collector car mecca of Phoenix / Scottsdale, Classic Promenade has been serving classic car enthusiasts since 2002, and with our new online platform, it’s easier than ever to sell your classic car anywhere in the world. Submit your car for our review, and see why Classic Promenade is the best choice for selling classic cars from every era.

Why Sell Classic Cars With Classic Promenade? Our Difference

Classic Promenade team members are passionate about collecting classic cars, with decades of combined experience in the market.

Our online platform was founded to promote transparency, and represent buyers and sellers equally. Our goal is simple – we create an extraordinary buying experience for buyers and sellers alike, streamlining the transition of a cherished classic car from one owner to another.

If you’re ready to get started, submit your car for our review. Sellers at Classic Promenade will receive a response within 48 hours of making an inquiry.

For more information about what we do, interested car sellers may contact us online to direct an inquiry to a team member.

Seller Options At Classic Promenade

Classic Promenade offers two options for selling classic cars – private sales consignment, or buying your car outright. Our team works with each client to determine the best option for the sale their car or collection.

No matter what type of sale you choose, we offer world class service at great value. For a private sales consignment, the cost is 10% of the sales price, plus expenses.

How It Works – Private Sales Consignment At Classic Promenade

Selling classic cars at Classic Promenade takes just 7 simple steps.

1. Submit your car

Submit your car to us and tell us a little bit about it. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

2. Send the car to us or keep it at your property

You can choose to keep your car, or to send it to our facility in Phoenix, where it will be cleaned, detailed, and securely stored until it’s sold. We can also make any necessary repairs & other improvements to maximize your sales value.

3. Get a comprehensive inspection

We arrange for a 158-point inspection to be done on your car by a qualified 3rd party inspector to verify its mechanical and cosmetic condition.

4. Professional photos

As part of the sales process, Classic Promenade will arrange for a professional photographer to take 100+ photos and videos of you car. We’ll make your car look its best, guaranteed.

5. We tell your car's story

With the photos, videos, and inspection complete, our team will research the history of your car. From historical documentation, to important dates, to service records, we create more than just a sales listing - we tell a story!

6. We find the right buyer

Once your car is listed, we respond to buyer inquiries and negotiate a fair value, keeping you updated along the way.

7. Coordinate sales and delivery of your car

After a buyer has purchased your car, Classic Promenade will assist you in arranging for the bill of sale, transfer of title, transportation to the buyer, and more. We can even act as an escrow agent.

Get Started Now – Submit Your Classic Car With Classic Promenade Today.

If you want to sell your classic motorcar from anywhere in the world, Classic Promenade can walk you through every step of the process.  To begin, submit your car for an evaluation by our team by filling out a quick submission form.

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