Custom Eight

Interesting Fact: The Packard Custom Eight was a part of the Packard Super Eight, which were larger eight cylinder variants of the esteemed Packard Twelve. Specifically speaking, the Packard Custom Eight was developed from the oldest Packard Eight One-Eighty.


The inline eight used in the Packard Custom Eight yields 160 horsepower and features an eggcrate grill, along with a lower price than other Packard models. This vehicle started out with a 127-inch wheelbase, before shrinking to a 120-inch base, before finally settling back at a 127-inch base.


The Packard Custom Eight was just a high-powered version of the oldest Eight One-Eighty, but it emerged as its own unique variant that offered a high-level of power and performance. The Packard Custom Eight is a rare vehicle that is pursued by car collectors everywhere, even today!

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