Interesting Fact: The Ford F-100 was a part of the larger Ford F-Series that is still in production today. When the manufacturing process began in 1948, the pickup style of vehicles was just beginning to take off. As a whole, the F-Series has been the most popular pickup truck in America since 1977.


Specifically, the F-100 was released as the second generation within the F-Series and was formerly just known as the F-1. This model was not the top-of-the-line for Ford but represented a simple and reliable build for pickup truck drivers. The original F-100 is identifiable by its vertical windshield pillars and a wraparound windshield.


This model was actually the last year for the flathead engine in the United States. By the end of production on the F-100, its power output was a whopping 300 horsepower, courtesy of a Lincoln Y-block V8 engine under the hood. Currently, the most popular F-Series is the Ford F-150, but the F-100 was a very popular choice during its production years. Due to this, it is a classic vehicle that will always be recognizable at car meets!


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