Interesting Fact: The Ford Custom was produced in three countries during 1949 to 1955, 1957 to 1959, and 1964 to 1981. It was featured in the famous film Psycho where it was removed from a swamp after being submerged.


As for the car itself, the Ford Custom was a part of the completely new redesigns that Ford released following World War II. Standard models of the Ford Custom used a small-block V8 engine that allowed for 351 horsepower, but law enforcement was able to use a more powerful V8 engine that allowed the Custom to utilize 425 horsepower.

All in all, approximately 7,850,000 Fords were sold during the course of production which makes this the 10th best-selling automobile platform in history. The Ford Custom is an iconic and powerful car that has been trusted for many years. Its popular reputation and appearance in mainstream media still fuel its popularity today as one of the most desired cars for collectors!

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