What Makes Classic Promenade Different

What makes Classic Promenade different from the other reputable Classic Car dealers? We like, respect and have done business with Hyman, Ltd, The Vault Cars, Significant Cars, Tom Crook and the other companies in this similar niche. We think we are differentiated for the following reasons:

  1. We are Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen – Our passion has been classic and special interest motorcars for decades. We are gentlemen who are humbly serving you, our clientele, as Ladies and Gentlemen. We feel it is an honor for us to serve you as we fulfill our passion of playing with important motorcars for our “work”.
  2. We are Sophisticated Business Professionals – Both of us have MBA’s and Hal has a Doctorate in addition to us both having decades of experience being visionaries and leading hundreds of employees. This will help ensure the highest of integrity, communication and sound business practices.
  3. We are Inter-generational – Being a father and son team, we combine a deep experiential understanding of the owners and motorcars of the classic era along with embracing technology to reach the world-wide marketplace of motorcars and their owners. In addition, my passion of the Classic Era is combined with Hal’s passion of more modern cars of the 40’s through 70’s. No one person can know all the great cars but as a team we do very well.
  4. We Love Technology – Both Hal and Harry have been pioneers in aspects of technology. Hal being CEO of some of the largest high-tech companies and I pioneered software systems in public finance. Our integrated use of the internet, print advertising, You Tube video, direct marketing and our website improve the velocity of sales by attracting buyers world-wide. We believe we’ll continue to be the pioneers in the industry using technology to Help Find Classic Cars New Homes.
  5. We’re Car Nuts – This is our passion. We are so excited with each new opportunity to Help Find Classic Cars New Homes. Why? Because it allows us the chance to find cars, learn about them, improve them, and help locate new and loving caretakers. What could be better for full fledged car-nuts?

So, feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. We’re always delighted to help. Thank you.

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