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Many would think that this is not the “best of times” to ramp up a classic and vintage car sales company. So why, after all these years, are we ramping up now?

Well, my father and I have been active hobbyists for decades. I have had a collection in excess of up to 40 classic and vintage motorcars and my dad about 15 (all at one time), so I am serious when I say we are serious hobbyists!

In August I had two cars for sale at the reputable Pebble Beach auction. One did not meet the reserve and the other had a sales estimate under $100k and therefore was being offered with no reserve. It crossed over the auction block at about 10 pm with no bidders in the room. Well, I guess there was one bidder because the car sold for one-third (1/3) its low estimate! Of course the buyer was a retailer of classics and it is now for sale for about three times the price he paid.

I was at dinner with friends assuming it couldn’t sell for too much below the low estimate, right? Well, I think that dinner cost me about $50,000.

I am now dedicated to ensuring that my experience won’t happen to someone else. At least not to one of our clients… whether our service is to buy, sell or consign a car for someone, we are dedicated to being fair and honest.

In addition to being long-time hobbyist, my dad and I have had exciting and successful careers as CEO’s of companies. My dad has been CEO of many NYSE high tech companies and I’ve been the founder and CEO of two INC 500 companies. We both have MBA’s and my dad has a Doctorate.

We like to think that we are gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. We are looking forward to maintaining and broadening existing relationships and developing new friendships. As we know so well about this hobby, we love the cars but it is the people that make it even more special! May we serve you?

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