Touring in a ’35 Packard Phaeton

Today we had the Annual Meeting and Poker Run with the San Diego-PS Region of the Classic Car Club of America.  Having our own little CARavan, we departed Temecula in the early morning for Fairbanks Ranch/Rancho Santa Fe.  Karen and I drove a 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton (classic, no windows, wind-in-your-hair convertible) followed by my parents in a 1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper Club Sedan (sleek and sexy two door fastback).

The hilly drive to arrive at the event was nearly 60 miles each way.  The two Packard’s ate up the miles at a cool and steady 65 to 70 mph.  Thank God for overdrives!!

The event was hosted by the Zeiger’s and included tours through the elegant Fairbanks Ranch, spacious Rancho Santa Fe and a little bit of groovy Encinitas and Solana Beach.  The video has some shots as I was driving down the road.

Back at the Ranch (Fairbanks, that is) we had a fabulous luncheon at the Zeiger’s gorgeous home, conducted the Annual Meeting and had a birthday celebration and yummy cake for my dear friend Bill Burchett.  He’s 7.5% of a millennium (75 years old).

Afterward, we drove home, filled up the cars with gas (13.5 miles per gallon for me), cleaned them up and put the ‘35 up on my lift with a gorgeous 62 T-Bird roadster parked underneath.  What a terrific and fun day!!!

  1. Hey fantastic post.
    About the Volkswagen Phaeton, can you believe it’s just a rebadged Bentley Continental GT? Sad, but true.
    The VW Phaeton was a massive disaster in my opinion!

    Its In: Volkswagen Phaeton is a fail!

  2. Harry,

    Thanks for sharing the ride. I felt like I was in the back riding along!! What a joy since I’m usually the one driving while everyone else is enjoying the scenery!! Not easy maneuvering the old cars around!


  3. Great Video Harry,

    Love Fairbanks Ranch. What a great part of San Diego County. The cars are pretty cool too.


  4. That was a really cool video. Felt like I was there enjoying the ride. You have a great selection of classic cars.

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