Tour of an Exclusive VERY Private Collection! Wow!

I had an opportunity to tour an exclusive collection of Americana unlike anything I have ever seen before…

Not just cars but… the cars and motos are terrific!  How many of the 51 Tucker’s made do you think he owns?   Watch this…

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  1. Hey Harry,

    The way you talk on your video’s; I think you’re missing your true calling . To have your own show about car’s and go to various car collections and make comments !!You could be the new Barry McGuire !
    By the way it was nice hooking up with you at the auction . Have you been doing any ridding ? Can’t
    believe that you have never been to the top of Palamar Mountain and it’s almost in your back yard .
    There is a coffee shop on top that serves a good breakfast . Anyway , keep in touch .


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