San Marino Motor Classic 2018- A terrific show and venue!

I was asked by the Chief Judge of the San Marino Motor Classic to be the chief class judge for the American Classic Open class.  It just so happens that not only is it always one of the more difficult classes to judge, it was also the largest class in terms of the number of cars being judged.  It ended up being a gorgeous day, lots of work judging, but well worth the effort!!

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  1. Awesome. Photos from the event look amazing.
    I have been meaning to thank you for selling me the ’92 Corvette back in 2014. It’s not in the same class as the 1930 Phaeton that won the American Classic Open, but it has been a wonderful car to drive and ‘restore’ (was in nice shape, but I keep working to make it even better). I’m so glad you had it for sale. It has even gotten me to enter some shows and win some plaques here in Kansas 🙂 Best wishes to you and everyone at Classic Promenade.

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