Part III: Concours Day with a 1958 Airstream!

Part III: The 1958 Airstream at the La Jolla Motor Car Calssic on April 3, 2011.  This short video shows off the results of the restoration of this terrific camper!

  1. Harry, Just thought I should update you.The Airstream is doing fine in Canada. First off I bought a farm because it had a big barn to store the Airstream in. So it is never out in the elements. I fixed the roof leaks. Quite simple, the old caulking had dried out and was letting water in. I had to build two scaffold towers and plank over the roof to get up there. You can’t lean a ladder on an Airstream because you will crease the aluminium. I got rid of that old hot water heater. No matter what I tried it did not want to work. Now I have a little 10 litre electric tank and it heats up in 10 minutes and will give you a 5 minute shower. Really sweet little unit. I fixed the grey water and the black water tank. It all became quite simple once I got into it. Now we can be just like the modern trailers. I riveted a lot of the under carriage back in place. For some reason lots of interior ceiling rivets were popping. I re-riveted them all, but I have no idea what was causing it. Still working on gas fumes from the cool refrigerator. Last year we went to a Tin Can Tourist vintage trailer meet. What a blast. Hope your doing well. Bill

  2. Wonderful! Unique and fun!

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