Interesting Fact: Packard 180 was part of a model designation by the Packard Motor Car Company from 1940 until 1942. Complete designation in factory preferred spelling is Packard Custom Super Eight One-Eighty. Some 1942 models got Clipper styling and were similarly called “Packard Clipper Custom Super Eight One-Eighty”. While the designations “Super Eight” and “Custom Eight” were used earlier and later, “180” or “One Eighty” always was part of the designation, and never stood alone. Also, Packard used the term “Custom Super Eight” only for these model years. 


Technically, the Custom Super Eight One-Eighty was similar to the Super Eight One-Sixty, but slightly differed in outside trim, and offered considerably more luxury inside. Both lines are known as Packard’s “senior” models in these years. Replacing the Twelve, the Custom Super Eight One-Eighty also was the make’s new top model, and carried most of the coachbuilt bodies. Air conditioning was an option for all senior Packards from 1940, and an industry first, at that.

Between 59 and 72 Packard Darrins were built in 1940, of which 44 (or 48) were One-Eightys and the remainder One-Twentys. For the 1941 and 1942 model years the four-door Darrins were discontinued, leaving only the Convertible Victoria. With very low production numbers, the Packard 180 is sure to peak the interest of many car collectors!


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