Interesting Fact: The Lincoln Cosmopolitan was produced for six years from 1948 to 1954. This full-size luxury car was assembled in Dearborn, Michigan with the rest of the Lincoln models. The Cosmopolitan was a part of the first postwar bodies that Lincoln released and was a result of last-minute revisions between Ford and Lincoln.

It was decided by the companies that the Ford released in 1949 would actually be a smaller model, which resulted in the Cosmopolitan being branded under Lincoln. A 5.5-liter Flathead V8 was thrown under the hood which resulted in this model being a powerful, but heavy vehicle.

The technology used in the Lincoln Cosmopolitan was advanced for its day and age but became popular mainly as a “lead sled”, which is a vehicle that is heavily modified in particular ways. In the end, the Lincoln Cosmopolitan gave way to models far smaller and less bulky, but this vehicle is a classic in every sense of the word!

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