Everitt Six-48

This company was founded by B F Everitt and W E Metzger with money they received from Studebaker when leaving the E-M-F Company in June 1909. Chief engineer was William S. Kelly, who previously was responsible for the Wayne and E-M-F cars.

The car, a 30 hp four with a so-called “thiefproof” gear lever lock, was also built in Canada as the Tudhope. It was very similar to the E-M-F Thirty and was produced without much mechanical changes through the whole time the company was active. The planned production run for the first model year was sold before actual building had begun. This Four-30 was joined by a larger Four-36 in 1911. Most sources name the engine in both series the same, so, the difference was in the longer wheelbase of the ladder car. One source gives a higher HP rating, but this would inevitably have changed its volume, as the A.L.A.M. rating is calculated from cylinder bore.

In 1912, a 6-cylinder model Six-48 was also offered, which at $1,850 appears as a good buy.

When the last of the E-M-F founders, W E Flanders, also joined in 1913, the company was reorganized as the Flanders Motor Company. The only model offered was the improved 6-cylinder car, which got electric starter and lights, and a new name, Flanders Six-50. Both, car and new company, lasted only a few months. There is no connection to the Flanders Twenty built by E-M-F from 1910 until 1912.


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