1912 Everitt Six-48 Touring

Last Extant, Restored, Tour Veteran, Celebrity Owned, Powerful Tour Car!


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This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire what is thought to be the only Everitt Six-48 in existence. With its powerful engine rebuilt by Tom Lester, this is a proven tour veteran that benefitted from a complete restoration. We love these powerful brass-era cars!


PRICE REDUCED!! NEW PHOTOS AFTER POLISHING & DETAILING!!  This is a thoroughly restored 1912 Everitt Six-48 Five Passenger Touring that is the only known example and is a veteran of many HCCA and AACA tours.  This is a fast and powerful six cylinder that has benefited from numerous mechanical upgrades to make this a strong performer and reliable touring car.  This Everitt is a brass-era example that will stand up to most any early motorcar.  This was acquired by Clive and Janet Cussler in Scottsdale, AZ, now known as the Janet Cussler Car Collection.

E-M-F’s were built in Detroit from 1908 through 1912.  E-M-F stood for the three founders, each of whom was a leader within the early American automotive industry.  At its peak, E-M-F was the second largest producer of automobiles in the US, second only to Ford.  The company had many iterations as the founders changed over the years. Bryon (Barney) Everitt and William Metzger were two of the original partners in E-M-F, but they left the company forming the Metzger Motor Car Company and produce Everitt cars.  (This 1912 Everitt is titled as a 1913)

This 1912 Everitt Six-48 was the most grand and powerful offering of the company.  All Six-48s were painted Blue (as opposed to Ford’s all-black Ts starting in 1914), and were offered with the Everitt electric starter, three speed transmissions and 127” wheelbase.  From documentation in this Everitts file, this is the only Six-48 known extant.

By 1975, this Everitt was acquired by George Schuberts in Nebraska after being found in a midwestern barn.  For decades it was kept as an all original, unrestored example.  In the 1990’s, it was acquired by Ralph Lehtola of Dania, FL who set out on a complete restoration.  Everything was thoroughly restored with certain modifications made to make this an enjoyable and reliable tour car.  Mr. Lehtola was well known for completing AACA and HCCA tours throughout the country.  Tom Lester, a well-known engine rebuilder, was retained in the early 2000’s to thoroughly rebuild and reengineer the powerful six-cylinder engine.  After the restoration, the Everitt was successfully campaigned in numerous tours.  On April 14th, 2005, she was acquired by Jack Armstrong of Meredith, NH.  Mr. Armstrong continued to enjoy the Everitt until she was acquired by Clive and Janet Cussler on October 13th, 2018 for their collection in Scottsdale, AZ.  The Cussler’s are well respected for their knowledge of rare and desirable early motorcars.  It is now offered on behalf of the Collection. (We have 127 photos in the photo gallery)

The livery is nicely presented in its original Blue with Black fenders and complemented by parchment 34-inch wooden artillery wheels.  Parchment pinstriping is used on the hood and the doors accenting the wheels.  There is ample brass including the radiator shell, headlamps, windshield, mirrors, taillights and more.  The brass can be polished to look much more vibrant, but we left it with its accumulated patina for the photo shoot.  The Tan canvas convertible top is in overall good condition with leather straps retaining the front of the hood.

The interior features soft and supple tufted black leather in the same pattern as the original.  The aluminum floorboards in the driver’s compartment are in very nice condition and also original to the Everitt.  The wood rimmed steering wheel feels terrific for driving and looks great against the wood dashboard.  Inside a compartment fixed to the dashboard is a matching wood box that opens to reveal three modern instruments showing the temperature, voltage and oil pressure.  The rear seat is also in tufted black leather and is in excellent condition.  Black carpeting is used in the passenger compartment as well as a lap robe bar and footrest.  The interior overall is in very nice condition.

The engine compartment had been fully restored and now shows signs of many years of touring.  One of the most respected engineers specializing in the rebuilding of vintage engines, Tom Lester, was retained to reengineer and rebuild the engine on this Everitt.  All new pistons, bearings, connecting rods were fabricated.  The original splash oil lubrication was upgraded to an oil pump.  The clutch was converted to hydraulic and disc brakes were designed and discreetly installed inside the rear brake drums.  Importantly, the radiator was sent to Vintage Wings and Radiator in the UK to be rebuilt as original.  Today, the drivetrain operates wonderfully, with smooth, strong power and the rather tall gearing in high allowing for touring speeds of around 50 to 55 mph.  The transmission also shifts easily and smoothly.  The lights operate well, and the engine operates off of an electric fuel pump.  Traffic signals and brake lights have also been added.

This Everitt is complete with a wonderful historical file, restoration photos including the “as-found” photos, an original Everitt Six-48 sales manual and restoration receipts and letters.

For more information and details, please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or  This Everitt is available for viewing in our Phoenix showroom. We are pleased to offer FaceTime or WhatsApp live video inspections and we help coordinate shipping worldwide.  We also have financing partners if you are interested in financing.

1912 Everitt Six-48 Touring


VIEWS 1557

Videos: 1912 Everitt Six-48 Touring


1912 Everitt Six-48 Touring
1912 Everitt Six-48 Touring


VIN P6259
BODY STYLE Five Passenger Touring
FUEL Gasoline
INT COLOR Black Leather
EXT COLOR Blue and Black Two Tone
YEAR 1912
VIEWS 1557

Everitt Six-48

This company was founded by B F Everitt and W E Metzger with money they received from Studebaker when leaving the E-M-F Company in June 1909. Chief engineer was William S. Kelly, who previously was responsible for the Wayne and E-M-F cars. The car, a 30 hp four with a so-called "thiefproof" gear lever lock,…
This company was founded by B F Everitt and W E Metzger with money they received from Studebaker when leaving the E-M-F Company in June 1909. Chief engineer was William S. Kelly, who previously was responsible for the Wayne and E-M-F cars. The car, a 30 hp four with a so-called "thiefproof" gear lever lock, was also built in Canada as the Tudhope. It was very similar to the E-M-F Thirty and was produced without much mechanical changes through the whole time the company was active. The planned production run for the first model year was sold before actual building had begun. This Four-30 was joined by a larger Four-36 in 1911. Most sources name the engine in both series the same, so, the difference was in the longer wheelbase of the ladder car. One source gives a higher HP rating, but this would inevitably have changed its volume, as the A.L.A.M. rating is calculated from cylinder bore. In 1912, a 6-cylinder model Six-48 was also offered, which at $1,850 appears as a good buy. When the last of the E-M-F founders, W E Flanders, also joined in 1913, the company was reorganized as the Flanders Motor Company. The only model offered was the improved 6-cylinder car, which got electric starter and lights, and a new name, Flanders Six-50. Both, car and new company, lasted only a few months. There is no connection to the Flanders Twenty built by E-M-F from 1910 until 1912.



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