Series 62 Convertible

Interesting Fact: The Cadillac Series 62 is a full-size luxury car that was produced by General Motors for 14 years from 1940 to 1964. This vehicle had seven generations over the course of its life and was occasionally marketed as the Sixty-Two or Series Sixty-Two.

In its earliest years, the Cadillac Series 62 body resembles a sleek “torpedo” style C-body that features slant in the windshield along with a curved rear window. The original engine in the Series 62 is a 5.7-liter Monobloc V8 that outputs 135 horsepower. This model sold extremely well and accounted for 37 percent of Cadillacs sales in 1940.

Eventually, the Cadillac Series 62 went in a boxier direction for the body until the model was renamed to the Cadillac Calais for the 1965 model year. Although the Cadillac Series 62 was discontinued, it is still viewed as a class and is sought after vehicle for many car enthusiasts!

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