Model 353

Interesting Fact: The Cadillac Model 353 saw a short lifespan, only being produced in 1930 and immediately being replaced by the Series 355. A 353 cubic-inch V8 engine powered the vehicle and is also what gave the Model 353 its name.


This car was manufactured in a two to four passenger build with coupe or convertible options. The 353 is known for its attractive features, such as the tan upholstery and original instruments that give it a uniquely classic feel.


Given that the 353 only saw one year of production, there are not many driving around roads today. Despite this, the model 353 is considered one of the best driving class-era Cadillacs and best-looking builds as well. This Cadillac’s rarity makes it a sought-after item for collectors and proves difficult to find today!


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