Continental R and T

Interesting Fact: The Bentley Continental R is a luxurious vehicle that was manufactured from 1991 to 2003 by Bentley Motors in England. This model was the priciest, yet most powerful and high-performing Bentley of its day.

This is the first Bentley where the body was not shared with a Rolls-Royce model, a trend that had continued since the 1965 S3 Continental. This model was released for $271,780 or £178,000 at the time of launch, which is equal to $501,914 or £370,804 today.

A top speed of 145 mph with a 0-to-60 time of 6.6 seconds made the Bentley Continental R stand out from other vehicles. A condensed version of the Continental R known as the Continental T was released in 1996 that features an additional 15 horsepower and a sportier look by sacrificing rear passenger legroom. This model reduced the 0-to-60 time by .4 seconds and raised the top speed to 170 mph.

The EPA ended up classifying the Continental T as a subcompact car due to its shorter wheelbase and the compact interior. Another large difference between the Continental R and T was that the latter had chrome-finished instruments and aluminum trim as opposed to the wood finish on its predecessor.

Both the Bentley Continental R and T are still heavily sought-after models, and their performance holds up to cars being manufactured today!

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