1966 Mustang Race Car, 600+ HP,Scary Fast! Trades?


Harry's Thoughts

This is a very nice example that is sure to help make its new caretaker many happy memories!


This was the most heavily awarded vintage race car in Mexico.  It won everything there was to win…  It is now for sale by the builder/driver in San Diego and it is ready to dominate what the US has to offer.  This Mustang has over 600 HP to the rear wheels and was built as a no-expense spared vintage racer.  We are very pleased to offer this very special consignment from Pedro, it’s San Diego owner/builder/racer.

This was built in 2000 from a very nice and solid car that normally would have been restored for show.  Instead Pedro commenced a no-expense spared build of the perfect vintage race car.  He started the restoration by placing the shell into acid for 24 hours to lighten the metal, giving it aluminum-like lightness.  The car has all the necessary performance and safety upgrades necessary.  He was sponsored by Ford Motor Company through their racing program so whatever he needed or wanted he received.

During its development this Mustang spent about 50 hours on the Dyno.  With a 406 cu in stroker motor, Richmond transmission, Tordsen differential, Wilwood brakes, this is ready to dominate the vintage racing tracks again.  Some details include:

1-      The engine is a 351 stroked to 406 cu in.

2-      The engine was built by Efrain Veta in Mexico.  He is the man that has built almost all of the winning Panamerica race engines for decades.

3-      It has a single Holy four barrel with 850 cfi.

4-      It has six piston calipers up front and four piston calipers in back.

5-      The front suspension has Eidach springs with Koni shocks.  All the suspension is built up to the frame with metal ball joints.  The rear suspension is leaf springs with Koni shocks.

6-      The differential is adjustable by the driver so adjust the height.  All mounted on ball joint to the frame.

7-      It is the original steering box with a modified turn ratio.

It has all the safety features as far as we know, including:  8 pt roll cage, FIA approved: seats, belts, fuel cell, rear window, windscreen holders, fire extinguishers, etc.

Pedro was an affluent owner of one of Mexico’s top restoration facilities- he had over 50 employees restoring cars in a top notch facility.  So between the Ford sponsorship and his personal restoration facility this car was built and maintained without regard to cost.  The owner is very interested in trades.  Let us know what you have!

More details will be coming and the Mustang is available for viewing in San Diego.  For more information please contact Harry at harry@classicpromenade.com or call 602.245.7200.

1966 Mustang Race Car, 600+ HP,Scary Fast! Trades?




1966 Mustang Race Car, 600+ HP,Scary Fast! Trades?
1966 Mustang Race Car, 600+ HP,Scary Fast! Trades?



Ford Mustang


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