1957 Ford Thunderbird E Code

Rare 3-Speed, Concours Restoration, Numbers Matching


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Gunmetal Gray is one of the most striking colors on the iconic 1957 T-Bird. This has benefitted from a full concours restoration and features the rare dual quads and three-speed manual.


SOLD to Florida!!  This 1957 Ford Thunderbird “E-Code” is a fantastic example of one of the most well-known Thunderbird models produced.

The condition of this car is near perfect, being the subject of a complete frame-off restoration. Every nut and bolt was restored or replaced with correct N.O.S. Thunderbird parts. The car was restored in the mid 2010’s by a Thunderbird marque expert and is a numbers matching and original car. Every number on the car, from the motor to the transmission to the rear end, etc., is original to the car and correct.

Included in the sale is the original Ford Invoice for this car, the ORIGINAL VIN tag, and written/photographic documentation of the restoration.

This car still retains a host of important and rare options available for 1957, including:

  • -Dual 4 Barrel Carburetor 312 CI Engine
  • -3-Speed Manual Transmission (a special option and transmission specifically made for the dual-quad engine option)
  • -Auxiliary Hardtop
  • -Power Seats
  • -Engine Dress Kit
  • -Heater and Defroster
  • -Signal Seeking Radio
  • -Full Wheel Covers

BODY: This Thunderbird wears its factory correct Gunmetal Grey paint, and was re-painted when the car was restored. All of the body panels were, and still are ripple, dent, and rust free and don’t appear to have ever had any sort of body or accident damage.  The glass and seals are in excellent condition and there are no leaks evident. The windshield is original and also in very nice condition.

The body trim, including the stainless steel, chrome, and rubber, is all in excellent condition. Everything was attended to under restoration.

The hard top was restored in the same manner as the rest of the car. The porthole windows and trim are in perfect condition as is the headliner and all of the associated hardware and brightwork.

INTERIOR:  The interior was also the subject of intensive restoration, and is trimmed in the original color and code of red. The seating areas are in beautiful restored condition, with no wear evident. The door panels are also in the same condition.

All of the accessories, are in perfect working condition. The original signal seeking radio is in place and working, along with the power seat.

All of the windows roll up and down and work perfectly. The trunk is in stunning condition, the trunk covering is in new condition with no rips, tears, or missing pieces, and the spare tire, jack, and associated tools are accounted for and in very nice condition.

UNDERCARRIAGE:  The underside of the car is exactly what a restored show car should look like. A very solid and very well-preserved car was the subject of this restoration, and it shows, with no evidence of any accident damage. It is in show condition.

ENGINE and ENGINE COMPARTMENT:  The powerplant in this Thunderbird is the original 312 CI V-8 engine. It has been completely restored and rebuilt to the original specifications and as you can see from the photos, very well restored. All aspects of the motor are in perfect working order, and the compression ratio is exactly where it should be.

The engine bay has been restored to original specifications with all components in operational condition.  Every detail of the engine compartment is “Ford Correct” and beautifully presented, down to the N.O.S. “trashcan” fuel filter and the original dual quad air cleaner cover, which has the correct raised “dimple” in the forward center of the cover. It would be difficult to find an engine compartment with a better presentation.

TRANSMISSION:  The manual transmission in this car is in perfect working order and functions as a restored car should and has been completely rebuilt. It is the original 3-Speed transmission to the car and very special, as there is a particular 3-Speed that was mated to the dual-quad engine option in 1957.

TIRES, WHEELS, and BRAKES:  The tires are in very nice condition and are virtually new. They are the correct and original size replacement for the 1957 Thunderbird, with the correct whitewall and proper load rating. The wheels are the original Thunderbird wheels and full wheel covers original to the car, and specified on the invoice.

The entire braking system has been gone through recently to ensure every part works as it should.

OVERALL DRIVING IMPRESSIONS:  This Thunderbird runs and drives as should – It’s barely broken in!  The 8-cylinder powerplant runs and accelerates smoothly and very quickly and the transmission shifts as it should.

The car drives around town and on the open road with no squeaks, creaks, or rattles. It needs absolutely nothing to drive, show, and enjoy. All of the mechanical aspects of the car work as they should.

PLEASE NOTE:  This Thunderbird still retains all of its original or N.O.S. components!  This means the engine, transmission, rear end, etc. are original or correct to the car.  All of the numbers, markings, etc., are correct.  It is an original and very special car that, as evidenced by the low mileage and condition, has been driven very sparingly and properly cared for.  If you’ve never driven a Thunderbird of this period, you are in for a treat with this one!

If you are serious about purchasing this vehicle, we encourage you to inspect it in person and test drive it.

For more information and details, please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or  The E Code is with its owner in the Chicagoland area.

1957 Ford Thunderbird E Code




1957 Ford Thunderbird E Code
1957 Ford Thunderbird E Code


VIN E7FH272716
FUEL Gasoline
EXT COLOR Gunmetal Gray
YEAR 1957
LOCATION Chicago, Il

Ford Thunderbird

Interesting Fact: The Ford Thunderbird is an upscale vehicle that featured eleven unique generations. This vehicle sparked the expansion of the market segment for personal luxury vehicles that feature a higher emphasis on driving comfort, rather than high-speed performance. Production on the Ford Thunderbird occurred from 1955 to 1997 and then again from 2002 to…
Interesting Fact: The Ford Thunderbird is an upscale vehicle that featured eleven unique generations. This vehicle sparked the expansion of the market segment for personal luxury vehicles that feature a higher emphasis on driving comfort, rather than high-speed performance. Production on the Ford Thunderbird occurred from 1955 to 1997 and then again from 2002 to 2005. By the end of 2005, Ford had managed to produce over 4.4 million Thunderbirds. The car was originally designed as a sporty two-seat convertible but was not marketed as such. Within a few years, a second row was added, and the Ford Thunderbird is known for getting larger and large in size until the late 1970s. Many V8 engines have been used in the Ford Thunderbird over the years. As the size of the model increased, a larger engine was also required to support the vehicle. This resulted in later models having poor fuel efficiency. While they weren’t advertised for speed, Ford used the Thunderbird body in their NASCAR races, with many hitting an average speed of about 200 miles per hour. The final Thunderbird was manufactured in July of 2005, but the vehicle still holds up as one of the most comfortable and high-performing cars to date!



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