Car of the Future and the Evolution of the Motorcar

Many people have been very impressed with the evolution of the motorcar. But in the end, its evolution has been gradual to say the least. Let me give some historical perspective- solely based upon cars that I have or had:

  • Power windows and Air conditioning: 1940 Packard
  • Anti-lock brakes, Built-in jacking system and Remote rear window shade: 1937 Rolls Royce
  • Power steering: 1954 Packard
  • Power assisted brakes: 1928 Rolls Royce
  • Built-in air compressor (for tires): 1928 Packard

Many of these features aren’t even available in the latest BMW or Mercedes!

But I do encourage you to view this short but fascinating video on what is considered the car of the future. This will get you thinking… Let me know your thoughts. And Happy Thanksgiving! -Harry

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  1. Dear Harry,
    Like your website.You’ve had many fine cars.I think I’d prefer the ’28 R.R. I presently have a 1912
    Pierce-Arrow with a stock 4 cyl. air compressor and a 1915 White 4-45 dual cowl touring car(maybe
    the First American D.C.) with a 1 cyl. air compressor.It has dual windshields too.

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