Interesting Fact: The Porsche 914 is a mid-engine sports car that entered production in 1969. This production continued until 1976 and occurred in West Germany. Interestingly enough, the 914 was marketed and manufactured by both Volkswagen and Porsche, who worked together on the vehicle.


Given that the two companies worked on it, there were two different models. The Volkswagen variant features a 1.7-liter fuel injected flat-four engine that allowed a performance of 80 brake horsepower. On the other hand, the model by Porsche features a 2.0-liter air-cooled flat-six engine that allows a power output of 110 brake horsepower.


While there were a few design changes overtime, the 914 kept to Porsches tradition of few major revisions. Therefore, the model was eventually replaced, rather than subsequent generations being produced. This model is still popular among sports car lovers and is a powerful piece of history from Porsche’s lineup!


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