Model A

Interesting Fact: The Ford Model A was Ford Motor Company’s second market success after the all-time famous Model T. Production on the Model A began in 1927 and was produced until 1931, with nearly five million models being manufactured during that time.


This vehicle launched with a price range of $385 to $1,400 ($5,589 – $20,325.63 today) depending on the exact Model A that was purchased. A water-cooled L-head inline four engine was used that gave the car 40 horsepower with a top speed of about 65 miles per hour. 


Overall, the Model A had a variety of styles such as a standard coupe and convertible option. This was also the first Ford model to use a standard set of driver controls along with the clutch and brake pedals. Interestingly enough, a rear view was an optional choice in this vehicle, and it was also the first to use safety glass in the windshield. Although production ended nearly a century ago, the Model A is an iconic vehicle that many still try to purchase today!


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