Fairlane 500 Skyliner

The new retractable hardtop Ford went into the production phase unnamed; a first for Ford. Formal permission to use “Skyliner” was submitted on March 11, 1957; it was slated for inclusion in the upscale Fairlane 500 line. Accompanying the soft-top convertible Sunliner, Skyliner was officially introduced on April 14, its base price set at $2,942. Unlike other Ford mainline cars, the Skyliner was never offered with a six-cylinder powerplant; its base engine was a V-8 backed by a three-speed manual. Visual styling appeared to be identical to the rest of the Fairlane 500 line, although, the retractable was comprised of no less than 522 unique parts. Among them were longer quarter panels, a taller decklid, and a flatter two-piece roof with a near vertical rear window, all in a harmonious effort to efficiently stow the top within the car’s trunk.


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