Cobra Shelby

Interesting Fact: The Cobra Shelby, also known as the AC Shelby Cobra, is a classic sports car that was produced occasionally in England and America, starting in 1962. Utilizing a Ford V8 engine, the original Cobra Shelby is a two-door roadster with impressive power.


Carroll Shelby wanted to ask AC Cars if they would build him a custom vehicle that could accept a V8 engine. When they agreed, he went to Chevrolet in an attempt to get a V8, but they refused as they did not want competition for their models. Fortunately for Shelby, Ford was looking to create competition for Chevy and agreed to give Shelby their V8 engine.


Eventually, the Cobra Shelby developed and released multiple trims and packages that could help performance. This model was popular throughout Europe and America, with the car being sought after by sports car enthusiasts who desired a fast ride!


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