Interesting Fact: The original Ferrari 512TR was simply called the Ferrari Testarossa and is a 12-cylinder mid-engine sports car that was designed by Pininfarina. However, the 512TR was produced from 1992 to 1996 as a revised version of the Testarossa.


The 512TR variant uses a 4.9-liter rear-mounted flat-12 engine with forty-eight engine valves to produce 422 horsepower at 6,750 rpm and a 0 to 62 acceleration time of 4.8 seconds; it’s top speed still stands at 195 miles per hour. What separated the 512 TR from the Testarossa is the expensively reworked engine with upgraded parts. 


A common problem reported in the Testarossa was the required effort for gear shifting, but the 512TR resolved this problem with a new single-plate clutch. The entire center of gravity for the vehicle was rethought which helped to improve overall performance. The Ferrari 512TR is a powerful Ferrari model that sports-car lovers still try to locate today!


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1992 Ferrari 512TR
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