Mark II

Interesting Fact: The Continental Mark II was the only product line ever marketed by Continental, which was a division of Ford. This ultra-luxury coupé was sold during 1956 and 1957 and was the worldwide flagship vehicle for Ford Motors.

This vehicle was the most expensive American-produced automobile of its time and, as such, was marketed against the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. The Continental Mark II used many components of its predecessor: the Lincoln Continental. Besides those few parts, the Continental Mark II was largely hand-assembled, causing Ford to lose thousands of dollars with each car produced.

A 368 cubic-inch V8 powers the Continental Mark II which provided drivers with 285 horsepower in 1956 and 300 horsepower in 1957. The hood ornament of the Continental Mark II is a rectangular-framed four-pointed star. When Ford integrated Continental with Lincoln, a variation of this hood ornament was used on Lincoln models even today. Even though the Continental Mark II was eventually replaced, the vehicle is still a sought-after model by car enthusiasts!

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1956 Continental Mark II

1956 Continental Mark II

Winning Bid: $46,000
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