S1 Saloon

The car was announced at the end of April 1955, and it was noted that the existing Continental model would continue. The new standard steel saloon replaced the R type standard steel saloon which had been in production, with modifications, since 1946. It was a more generously sized five- or six-seater saloon, with the body manufactured in pressed steel with stressed skin construction. Doors, bonnet [hood] and luggage locker lid [trunk lid] were of aluminium.

Having a totally new external appearance, although with the traditional radiator grille, the main differences from the R type were:

three inches longer wheelbase
lower build without reducing headroom and with an enlarged luggage boot [trunk]
softer suspension with electrically operated control of rear dampers
lighter steering and improved braking
engine capacity increased to 4887cc, the same size as used in the Bentley Continental
four-speed automatic gearbox was standard, with ability to select individual ratios if desired.

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