1969 Ford T5 Fastback (Mustang), GT, 351W, Auto, $93k Restoration, Rare!!

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This is for the true Mustang collector.  This is about as rare as you’ll find.  It is a 1969 Ford T5 fastback.  The T5’s were made by Ford as special Mustang exports to Germany.

This is a two family owned motorcar that has undergone a comprehensive $93,000 restoration that was completed in 2008.  It was bought in about 1998 from the original owner, Wayne F DiMarzio, who was said to be an American serviceman stationed in Germany.  Mr. DiMarzio brought it home with him back to New Hampshire.  In about 1998, Mr. DiMarzio sold it to the father of our consignment client who was also from New England.  He set out on a no-expense spared restoration with RMR restorations, Inc in Hollis, New Hampshire.  This restoration is fully documented with a two-inch thick stack of invoices and parts lists, etc.  We also have a detailed appraisal report as well.

In about 2009 he gifted the T5 to his daughter in California.  She kept it as a family heirloom.  She now wants to sell it as she has a toddler that is far better off in a minivan than a T5 fastback!!!

This T5 was assembled at Metuchen, NJ on March 14th 1969.  It is equipped with the famous 351 cu in Windsor V8 (H Code) and two barrel carb, with about 250 HP.  It has the three speed automatic transmission with the 3:1 gear ratio.  We love the styling of the fastbacks and the 14 inch GT wheels!  It also has the red vinyl bucket seats, tachometer, power disc brakes,  flipseat rear-seat and clock.  The stereo is aftermarket and should be replaced with a new replacement.

Mustangs were desirable in Europe, mainly by European stationed American military.  Ford was required to re-badge the Mustang because of a trademark held by the German truck manufacturer Krupp that built a truck called the Mustang.  Krupp asked Ford to pay an alleged $10,000 as a license fee to use the name for its cars.  Fords response was to re-badge all Mustangs for export to Germany T5’s, which was the code name for the Mustang project in the early 1960’s.

These are very rare models and most are thought to have remained in Europe.  There were a mere 480 T5’s made in 1969.  Of the T5’s, only 173 were fastbacks.  So you can imagine it is highly likely that this is the only T5 in this specific configuration:  GT package, Wimbledon White with red interior, 351 Windsor V8, automatic, etc.  This rarity, combined with a wonderful restoration make this a true collectors item.

Everything appears to work fine and the T5 fires up readily and feels tight and solid.  It has traveled about 7,000 miles since the restoration.  The restoration was very high quality so the car looks overall like a three or four year old car.  It could benefit from a comprehensive detailing to remove some dust in hard to find places, etc.  It has a small oil leak and a small transmission fluid leak.

The paint and interior are in very nice condition.  There are no dents or scratches.  The interior is excellent with no cracks, etc.  The rear carpet has a small amount of fading in the very back portion.  The undercarriage shows that it was well detailed and restored.

This is a wonderful opportunity to buy a true collectors piece.  This would be a wonderful addition to a collection and would be a terrific car to enjoy on weekends and take to concours events.

For more details please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

1969 Ford T5 Fastback (Mustang), GT, 351W, Auto, $93k Restoration, Rare!!



1969 Ford T5 Fastback (Mustang), GT, 351W, Auto, $93k Restoration, Rare!!
1969 Ford T5 Fastback (Mustang), GT, 351W, Auto, $93k Restoration, Rare!!



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