1926 Packard Custom Eight, Model 2-43, Custom bodied, 143 in wheelbase, RARE!

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We are proud to have acquired an incredibly rare and luxurious motorcar.  This is the most formal of Packard’s offerings, a seven passenger Town Car.  It comes with a Brunn & Co. body tag but we have not yet been able to confirm the cars early history.

The car is an older restoration to “museum quality” which we would consider poorer quality.  It can be improved in most areas but is a solid “twenty footer”.  We have serviced it, given it a tune up and adjusted the brakes.

It needs attention to be used as a tour car.  We would like to see all the gauges working well, perhaps rewiring some of the Packard.  Also, the car stops quite normally for a 1926 2-43 but new brake linings and other attention would be appropriate.  The fuel system has been completely gone through and works on the vacuum tank and we have installed a back up electric tank for emergency back-up, etc.

We are still trying to find out details of the Packard’s early history.  We know that its restoration was commenced several decades ago in Arizona  and it was completed in the suburbs of Chicago by Mr. Frank Cassello in the 1990’s. In about 2003 the Packard was sold to Mr. Harold Roy of Indiana.

It has a gorgeous chassis and the engine is very strong.  We have gone through the fuel systems and the motorcar operated well on the Auto-Vac fuel system plus we have installed an auxiliary fuel pump for priming.  The engines power, steering, brakes and suspension all feel quite appropriate for a 2-43.  The four tires appear as-new but the two side mount spares are decades old and are cracking.

We have rubbed out most of the older lacquer paint.  We assume the paint was applied in the 1980’s or earlier and was performed poorly.  Most of the chrome is in very good condition.

The interior appears to be a decent quality wool broadcloth in the rear passenger compartment with two folding jump seats.  The rear compartment is complete with window shades, a microphone, foot rests and wood trim.  The front upholstery is a nice looking vinyl.  We have received feedback that the rear section is very similar to other Brunn & Co. bodies, so we do believe that the passenger area is indeed Brunn & Co. coachwork.

The speedometer does not operate and a couple of the instruments have been replaced with non-original components as shown in the photographs.  The motorcar has a correct Moto-Meter which operates as the temperature gauge and functions well.

We know the history of the car was published nearly ten years ago in the Chicago regional newsletter for the CCCA and we are attempting to find the newsletter.  We are trying to identify the body details as well.  There is a Brunn & Co. coachbuilding tag with the car, but until we have history we cannot know for sure the cars provenance.

Motorcars of this era often had more than one body: an open summer body and a closed winter body.   We are not sure of this cars provenance and therefore are hesitant to make any claims.

Although this has been  re-commissioned, to be prepared for concours it would need to be repainted, etc.  It will need further attention for touring use as well.  But it is a very, very straight and solid motorcar that runs strong, good oil pressure, it runs cool, etc.  As a Full Classic, this motorcar could be used in CCCA events and would be appropriate at many concours events worldwide.

For more details call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email me at harry@classicpromenade.com

1926 Packard Custom Eight, Model 2-43, Custom bodied, 143 in wheelbase, RARE!



1926 Packard Custom Eight, Model 2-43, Custom bodied, 143 in wheelbase, RARE!
1926 Packard Custom Eight, Model 2-43, Custom bodied, 143 in wheelbase, RARE!



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