2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder

One AZ Owner, 13k Miles, 5-Speed


Harry's Thoughts

A fun little roadster that is ready for the spirited drive or the daily commute. Many were not aware that the MR2 suspension was designed for Toyota by Lotus. This is truly a brilliant driving and handling roadster!


This is an exceptionally clean and original 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder that has been enjoyed a mere 13,000 miles by one owner in Cave Creek, AZ since new. Having been garaged in a conditioned garage since new, this is now in almost showroom condition in every respect.  This two seater even has a few welcome options from the factory including air conditioning and the 5-speed manual transmission, creating a nice package that will be hard to find elsewhere in this condition.

The sporty appearance of this MR2 is undoubtedly aided by it’s Absolutely Red factory paint color and black manual folding convertible top. The new looking black top retracts and settles in place in moments.  The paint is in excellent condition, with great depth and clarity. There are two minor flaws of note, with a tiny chip on the passenger side door and a indentation on the front fascia near the passenger side fog lamp.  Otherwise, this MR2 is in showroom condition.

The black interior matches the top and pulls together the sporty aesthetic of the car perfectly. Despite the overall short length of the car, the seats and seating position will accommodate drivers well over six feet tall. In fact, the owner is 6’3″ tall and has a 997 Porsche 911 and remarks that it has an almost identical seating position.  The leather seats are sporty in appearance, with no noticeable flaw. One will also notice the optional MR2 Spyder branded floor mats, and the carbon fiber applique on some of the components in the center stack. As with the rest of the car, the interior looks as well preserved as the exterior.

Mechanically, this is exactly what you would expect from a manufacturer known for reliability. The  1.8 liter transverse twin cam, 16 valve four-cylinder engine provides enough forward momentum to hum down the road. The 5-speed short throw shifter engages quickly in and out of the gates and allows for spirited driving for the enthusiast. The confidence inspiring Lotus designed suspension and steering will have the owner wanting to head to the canyons for a little fun. Regular service intervals, as few as they have been over it’s 13,000 mile lifespan, have allowed this car to drive like new and should offer the next owner many years of fun behind the wheel. All service records, including a warranty replaced battery in 2019 and new Yokohama tires purchased in 2018, are provided with the car. Also provided are the actual window sticker, sales brochures, and manuals. A perfectly clean one-owner CARFAX report has been added to this listing with a detailed and documented service history.

For more information, please call, email or text Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or This Toyota is available for viewing in our Phoenix showroom.

2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder



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2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder
2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder


VIN JTDFR320230055746
FUEL Gasoline
MILES 13,200
EXT COLOR Absolutely Red
YEAR 2003

Toyota MR2 Spyder

The third-generation MR2 was marketed as the Toyota MR-S in Japan, Toyota MR2 Spyder in the US, and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in Europe, except for France and Belgium, where it was marketed as the Toyota MR Roadster. Also known as the Midship Runabout-Sports, the newest MR2 took a different approach than its predecessor, most…
The third-generation MR2 was marketed as the Toyota MR-S in Japan, Toyota MR2 Spyder in the US, and the Toyota MR2 Roadster in Europe, except for France and Belgium, where it was marketed as the Toyota MR Roadster. Also known as the Midship Runabout-Sports, the newest MR2 took a different approach than its predecessor, most obviously becoming a convertible and receiving the 'Spyder' marketing nomenclature. The first prototype of MR-S appeared in 1997 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The MR2 Spyder chief engineer Harunori Shiratori said, "First, we wanted true driver enjoyment, blending good movement, low inertia, and lightweight. Then, a long wheelbase to achieve high stability and fresh new styling; a mid-engine design to create excellent handling and steering without the weight of the engine upfront; a body structure as simple as possible to allow for easy customizing, and low cost to the consumer." The only engine available for the ZZW30 was the all-aluminium alloy 1ZZ-FED, a 1.8 L (1,794 cc) Inline-four engine. Like its predecessors, it used DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder. The intake camshaft timing was adjustable via the VVT-i system, which was introduced earlier on the 1998 MR2 in some markets. Unlike its predecessors, however, the engine was placed onto the car the other way round, with the exhaust manifold towards the rear of the car instead of towards the front. The maximum power of 138 bhp (140 PS; 103 kW) at 6,400 rpm and 126 lb⋅ft (171 N⋅m) of torque at 4,400 rpm was quite a drop from the previous generation, but thanks to the lightness of the car it could still move quite quickly, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.8 to 8.7 seconds depending on the transmission option, the SMT being unable to launch and shift as quickly as the clutch operated manual. Curb weight is 996 kg (2,195 lb) for manual transmission models. In addition to the 5-speed manual transmission, a 6-speed manual or 5-speed SMT was also available starting in 2002. The SMT was a standard feature in the Australian market; however, air conditioning was optional. After 2003, a 6-speed SMT was an option. The SMT had no conventional H-pattern shift lever or clutch pedal. The driver could shift gears by tapping the shift lever forward or backward or by pressing steering-wheel-mounted buttons. The electro-hydraulic clutch engagement is automatic, and the car will automatically shift to second and then first gear when stopping. Cruise control was never offered with the manual transmission but was standard for SMT-equipped cars. The MR2 Spyder featured a heated glass rear window. A hardtop was also available from Toyota in Japan and Europe.



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