2002 Bentley Arnage RL LWB

Rare, 54k Miles, Loaded with Options, Gorgeous!!


Harry's Thoughts

This is a very nice example that is sure to help make its new caretaker many happy memories!


SOLD to Texas!!! This is one of the most special Bentley Arnages ever built, period. It is the very rare Long Wheel Base which is a 10 inch extension of the standard Arnage. This particular 2002 Bentley Arnage RL LWB is likely the most thoroughly optioned example in North America. Its distinguishing features include: limousine rear window, two full crystal cocktail requisites, refrigerator in the passenger compartment, full entertainment system with wireless headphones, umbrellas, writing desk, embroidered and inlayed Flying B’s, wood everywhere, leather everywhere else. It is the most elegant and fully spec’d model we’ve ever seen. The MSRP when new was in excess of $350,000.

The LWB models came with a separate air conditioning system in the rear that is controlled by the rear seat passengers. This example was ordered for four passengers and the rear compartment includes a special writing desk. We love the magnolia leather contrasted with the dark blue hides throughout the interior space. It has the dark blue leather top roll on the dash, which blends in beautifully with the Peacock Blue paint. The Wilton wool carpets are all dark blue with magnolia piping. The original dark blue mouton overlays are included as well as the rear movable foot rests. The steering wheel is the extra thick version in the contrasting leather, and it feels perfect.

The wood is in good to very good condition. There are several additional wood veneer panels to the door, picnic tables and vanities in the rear and the wood writing desk and compartment lid in the rear passenger compartment. I don’t believe you could have any more wood in an Arnage!

The parchment leather seats are in good condition and are very comfortable. The front seats have all the expected electrical conveniences. The rear seats have electric reclining and lumbar adjustments as well as rear seat heaters.

It has four proper PZero Pirelli radials mounted on the updated 18 inch Bentley wheels. The LWB features the venerable 400+HP twin turbo that makes the car perform amazingly!! Note the dual exhaust! This LWB sounds breathtaking, the exhaust note has a deep rumble that exudes power. And the performance doesn’t disappoint.

The early Arnage model had horribly inefficient headlights that had a clear plastic cover. This plastic with time would become milky and the headlights were rendered ineffective. The owner of this Arnage had custom made headlights built and installed, and they look absolutely correct. And the headlights light up the road a order of magnitude better than the originals.

This Arnage was bought new at Braman Motors in Miami, Florida. It’s first check up was on October 23rd, 2001 with 71 miles showing. The original owner was said to be the heir to the Standard Oil estate.

The second owner, Mr. John “Jack” Brobst of Lake Worth, FL and Macomb, MI, bought the car in about 2002. Mr. Brobst is a collector of Rolls and Bentley and kept the LWB at his home in Miami and Michigan. He also owned a Rolls in the same Peacock Blue confusing friends as to whether he was driving his Rolls or LWB Bentley! By 2011 Mr. Brobst drove the car up to his home in MI. It had accumulated a mere 19,600 miles and was serviced at Bentley Troy, MI. In 2011 Mr. Brobst traded his Rolls and the LWB in for a 2010 Rolls Royce. The LWB was then bought by Mr. Jonathan A Bregy of Palm Beach, FL. It now has a mere 25,300 miles since new. We have the full service log for this fantastic LWB Arnage.

Five years ago we sold this beauty to a famous music producer with 60 Gold and Platinum records to his fame. He and his family enjoyed the Bentley in Malibu, CA. He sent it for us to sell because he has just acquired a new Bentley and this became redundant.

This Arnage is now 17 years old and has accumulated 54,000 miles. The Peacock Blue Metallic paint is absolutely stunning. It has a few small chips and slight imperfections, but only upon close inspection. The leather has been dyed and is in very nice condition. It has the expected amount of wear and is still very stunning. The wood is very nice with a couple pieces that exhibit cracking. It has a clean CARFAX verifying that there have been no accidents or issues.

This LWB also comes with the original owners and service manuals, entertainment system manuals, etc. This LWB has the parking assist to the front and rear. Two remotes and two sets of headphones are included for the entertainment system. The LWB comes with one set of keys with remote and two umbrellas.

Let us know if we can assist you with any questions regarding this elegant and rare motorcar. If you want this motorcar, buy it. There is only one. Please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or email us at This is a very special opportunity. The LWB is in our showroom in Phoenix, AZ (85022).

2002 Bentley Arnage RL LWB




2002 Bentley Arnage RL LWB
2002 Bentley Arnage RL LWB


VIN 5CBLE31E62CX19008
FUEL Gasoline
MILES 54,300
GEARBOX Automatic
YEAR 2002

Bentley Arnage

Interesting Fact: The Bentley Arnage is a full-size luxury vehicle that was manufactured by Bentley Motors in England during the years of 1998 to 2009. This model was designed to cause a resurgence of the Bentley brand by being the first new build since the Bentley Mulsanne in 1980. Choosing to use a third-party engine…

Interesting Fact: The Bentley Arnage is a full-size luxury vehicle that was manufactured by Bentley Motors in England during the years of 1998 to 2009. This model was designed to cause a resurgence of the Bentley brand by being the first new build since the Bentley Mulsanne in 1980.

Choosing to use a third-party engine represented a switch from Bentley tradition, but the BMW M62 V8 engine was selected due to the sporty power it provided. In 1998, a takeover battle between BMW and Volkswagen Group caused a drop in sales when BMW publicly threatened to stop supplying engines if they lost. While this ended up not being an issue, Volkswagen Group redesigned a 6.75-litre 16-valve engine that was used in the Bentley Turbo R, and a revised version of the car named the Arnage Red Label, later to be designated R, was released in late 1999.

The Bentley Arnage T and R were the early variants released during the early years of the manufacturing process. With a 0 to 60 of 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 180 mph, the Arnage T was released in 2002 and is considered the sportier model of the two. Both models boast impressive speeds and a comfortable ride that keeps them popular today!



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