1979 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Calif Car, First Owner 28 Yrs!


Harry's Thoughts

This is a very nice example that is sure to help make its new caretaker many happy memories!


This is a wonderful example of a highly underrated Ferrari, the Dino 308 GT4.  This is a true Beverly Hills, CA car that has been overly serviced since the day it left Ferrari of Beverly Hills in 1979.  We will have detailed photos soon!!

The first owner was Mickey Stern, the founder and CEO of ML Stern in Beverly Hills.  It was his daily driver from 1979 through 2007 over such time he amassed about 84,000 miles.  He worked and lived in Beverly Hills and had the car serviced primarily at the dealer.  Of course Mickey had to have the red livery with black leather interior.

As a coincidence, ML Stern was where I interned at its trading desk when I first was learning municipal finance.  I remember Mickey vividly back in 1985!!  Small world indeed!

Our consignment client bought Mickey’s Dino in 2007 with the full books and records.  Since his ownership the car has been thoroughly serviced and the car now has a total of 88,000 miles.  Just completed is the replacement of the belts, clutch, catalytic converters, etc.  It also recently received factory spec Michelin radials.

This Ferrari is ready for many more years and miles before any major work will be required.  The smog pump has been disconnected and the air conditioning will require a recharging of Freon.  All other systems and components work as they should and this 308 has always been faithful and reliable.

Most importantly, this example has all of its original paint and interior.  This is further proof of the care that the owners have invested in the car.  There is minor checking on the paint near the gas filler cap and the right rear corner of the car has a bit of touch up paint from an old scratch.  Otherwise the paint is original and excellent.

The interior of the car is just right: black leather.  The original leather is in excellent shape today.  It is soft and supple with only some scuff marks in the back footwell area from Mickey’s years of placing a “Club” in the back for storage.  The leather has never been dyed.  Again, a testament to the fabulous love this car has received.  The carpets and headliner are all original and in excellent condition.

Included with the car is extensive documentation of the service history of the car since new and full books and records, including the original warranty card.

The 308 GT4 is considered by most as being one of the best handling Ferrari’s of this vintage.  Being truly mid-engined and designed to accommodate two children or one adult in the back seat, this Bertone design is fabulous.  The roar of the three liter V-8 with the tight slotted five speed manual transmission are juxtaposed with the air conditioning, comfortable ride, stereo and power accessories.

The Ferrari’s of this vintage almost all have specific rust issues.  This example must be as clean and rust free as one could ever hope to find.   There is no rust or rot on this car.

The air conditioning is not charged and has not been used for some time given the climate in Southern California.  The car has been relocated to our clients second home in Vancouver, BC.

It is rare to find a fully documented, consistently used, cared for and well maintained 308 GT4.  Even rarer to find one in Southern California since new with two long term owners.  This is a safe and enjoyable entry into the Ferrari world.  Please contact Harry with questions at 602.245.7200 or via email at harry@classicpromenade.com.

1979 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Calif Car, First Owner 28 Yrs!




1979 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Calif Car, First Owner 28 Yrs!
1979 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Calif Car, First Owner 28 Yrs!



Ferrari Dino 308 GT4


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