1937 Packard Twelve Berline

Model 1508, Factory Custom Club Sedan, Award Winner, 1 of 1


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This is a gorgeous Packard Twelve that is ready for concours showing or long-distance touring. It is a wonderful example of one of the best years of Packard's classics. And this is the only known example made in 1937 making it unique.


This is a gorgeous award-winning winning example of a truly unique custom built 1937 Packard Twelve Model 1508 Berline that is ready for concours competition or touring.  Having been fully restored and awarded top honors with the CCCA and concours events in the 1990’s, it has recently benefitted from a full cosmetic and mechanical refreshening.  This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a truly unique classic to use and enjoy.  The Packard factory transformed the Club Sedan body by extending the front door section and fitting it to the longer, 144-inch wheelbase.  We love the balanced proportions of this unique truly Packard.

The Berline is a factory custom that enjoys the attributes of a Club Sedan on the longer 144-inch wheelbase (Model 1508).  This is believed to be the only Berline created by Packard in 1937.   Books and research indicate that this Packard was special ordered for the youngest daughter of the president of the Great Northern Railroad, Mr. James J. Hill.

By the 1971, the Berline was acquired by the well-known collector, Jack Shy.  Mr. Shy commenced a complete restoration and campaigned it through the top levels of the Classic Car Club of America and major concours events.  By 1989, the Berline earned the Premier Senior Award number and was shown at the Meadowbrook Concours.  It was also featured in Beverly Rae Kimes groundbreaking book The Classic Era.  It was later acquired by Mr. Tenny Natkin from Illinois and in 2012 the Berline was acquired by its present owner.

In 2014, the Berline was sent to Dave Mitchell of Geneseo, Illinois, a noted Packard restoration expert, to benefit from an engine and transmission rebuild as well as various cosmetic updates.  The Berline remains in high point condition and runs and drives beautifully partly due to its high-speed rear end, which allows it to be driven at 70-80 mph for touring.

Finished in Packard’s Regatta Blue, the paint is in overall very nice condition.  There are a few small touched up scratches primarily in the common use areas such as the hood opening, etc.   There are also small areas with slight cracking, such as near the rear taillight.  Overall, the paint looks fantastic and unless it is being carefully examined the blemishes are not visible.  The paint is contrasted by light gray double pinstripes that look just right.  The chrome and stainless steel are all in excellent condition.  The Berline is well accessorized with a luggage rack, a Packard logoed painted trunk, dual Trippe Speedlights and dual side mounted spares.

The interior is gorgeous in its gray wool broadcloth.  The upholstery shows some minor wear on the bottom driver’s seat bolster.  The gray wool carpeting is also in very nice condition showing little to no wear.

The Berlines dashboard is in excellent restored condition and all of the instruments except the clock work well.  The Berline benefits from very rare accessories, some of which we’ve not seen before.  In the beautifully woodgrained dash is an AM radio and below is a rare Packard amplifier and speaker.  The Berline has both a front heater and defroster as well as a rarely seen rear heater.

The Berline features a roll-up division window for occasional chauffer use.  The rear compartment has footrests, and in the armrests small slots holding a vanity mirror and a notepad with a pen.  It also has dual ashtrays with proper cat’s eye cigar lighters.  Both the front and rear passenger compartments have dark blue wool carpet overlays to protect the light gray carpet.

The venerable Packard 473 CID V12 is whisper quiet and pulls with impressive power.  The engine compartment is well detailed and is in high point condition today.   The three-speed transmission shifts well but does grind slightly if you quickly shift through the gears.  The high-speed rear end is noticeable immediately as you shift through the gears and will allow for highway touring at modern-day speeds.  The chassis was well restored and looks terrific today.

Included in the sale is an original shop manual, an impressive number of awards and trophies and a copy of The Classic Era.

For more information and details, please call or text Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or email us at This Packard is available for inspection in Connecticut.  We are pleased to offer in person or FaceTime or WhatsApp live video inspections and we help coordinate shipping worldwide. We also have financing partners if you are interested in financing.

1937 Packard Twelve Berline


VIEWS 1423

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1937 Packard Twelve Berline
1937 Packard Twelve Berline


VIN 103B265
BODY STYLE Berline (Club Sedan)
FUEL Gasoline
MILES 17,960
INT COLOR Gray wool broadcloth
EXT COLOR Packard Regatta Blue
YEAR 1937
VIEWS 1423

Packard Twelve

Interesting Fact: The Packard Twelve was only in production from 1933 to 1939 and was a range of V12 luxury vehicles that were built by the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit. This vehicle originally features a standard bodywork, that signaled an industry wide decline in custom bodywork. There is a powerful 7.3-liter V12 engine…
Interesting Fact: The Packard Twelve was only in production from 1933 to 1939 and was a range of V12 luxury vehicles that were built by the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit. This vehicle originally features a standard bodywork, that signaled an industry wide decline in custom bodywork. There is a powerful 7.3-liter V12 engine used in the Packard Twelve that gives the vehicle 160 horsepower at 3200 rpm, making it a powerful model for its day and age. A shorter wheelbase version of the Packard Twelve known as the Model 1005 was available in ten different body styles ranging from a generic two-seater hardtop to a five-seater sedan. Moderate changes were made each year, but the 1937 Twelve was the models most popular year with 1,300 being built. A unique piece of history from one of the older models, however, is that U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt gave Joseph Stalin an armored Packard Twelve which became one of Stalin’s favorite cars. Due to its deep history and respectable performance, the Packard Twelve has gone down as one of America’s classic cars!



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