1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Sedan

23k Miles from New! Concours Restoration, Original Interior


Harry's Thoughts

This is likely one of the nicest Model K Lincolns with 23k original miles and a no-expense spared cosmetic restoration while retaining its original interior. It is stunning.


CELEBRATE LINCOLN’S CENTENNITAL!!   This is a gorgeous 1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Five Passenger Sedan that has travelled 23,000 miles from new and benefitted from a complete concours restoration while preserving its stunning original interior.  With a known history from new, this is a fantastic example of the quality and perfection that was developed for the Model Ks.  This must be one of the nicest examples extant.

This is one of 170 of the Style 543 two window sedans made in 1935.  The two window sedans were built on the 136-inch wheelbase and were beautifully close-coupled.

It was delivered new to a petite person from Avon, CT who special ordered it with a drivers seat removeable pillow and extra thick peddle pads.  Early in its life, it developed a cracked head and was stored.  By the 1950’s, the Lincoln was acquired by Mr. Charles Walker of Avon, CT.  By July 27, 1955, the K had accumulated 16,111 miles.  The Walker family enjoyed the K for the next 40+ years, showing it at many local and regional events.  See the photo gallery for the photos showing it with them in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s at car shows.  When Charles passed, his son, Rich inherited the K.  Rich Walker continued to enjoy the K until October of 1994.

The next owners were Ray Lichota who updated the tires and placed the best two of the original Firestone tires in the side mounts, where they still reside today.  The K had acquired 22,000 miles at that time.  The K was then acquired by Lee Hopkins from Fortuna, CA.  Mr. Hopkins enjoyed it until it was acquired by Paul Longstreth of Scottsdale, AZ in February 2008.  Paul commenced a detailed and incredible restoration of a wonderful original car.

Every detail was attended to.  The body was stripped to bare metal, the chassis was also stripped and refinished.  The engine was removed and torn down to find there was no wear in the cylinders or other components.  All the porcelain and finishes are done to top concours level.

The livery was refinished in its original Slate Green.  The paint is fantastic and is complimented by gray coachstripes and beautiful chrome finished throughout.  This was accomplished from the thorough restoration with a bare metal respray and all the finishes redone to very high concours standards.

The most incredible part of this classic is the original interior, Trim Code 1645.  All of the interior is original save for the front mosstread carpet which has been replaced with an original replacement.  The interior is very close to perfect given its age.  The wool broadcloth is nearly perfect with none of the usual staining.  There are a few very small moth holes in the headliner, but they are almost un-noticeable without a fine inspection.  The rear passenger compartment has a heater and twin vanities.  It all remains in gorgeous condition today.  The rear compartment also has its compliment of silk shade, which are also in beautiful original condition.  The dashboard and inlaid wood panels are all in beautiful condition.  Even the keys and keyfob are original to the car and in remarkable condition today.  The rear compartment has its original floor heater as well as the foot rests.

The engine compartment and the venerable 414 CID V12 are all in concours condition today.  With 150 bhp, the V12 performs beautifully today, especially on the smaller and lighter shorter wheelbase.  The engine was carefully disassembled and carefully inspected.  It exhibited almost no wear and was then reassembled and new replacement aluminum heads were installed.  It is now running beautifully.  The chassis was completely stripped and repainted to concours standards in a matching Slate Green.  It is gorgeous!

This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of the best built classic era cars for just a fraction of its restoration costs.  The K comes with a full photo gallery of the restoration process, historical records and its factory information.  This is an important part of automotive history, now celebrating its centennial this year!

For more details and information, please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or  The K is available for inspection in our Phoenix showroom.

1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Sedan


VIEWS 1642

Videos: 1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Sedan


1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Sedan
1935 Lincoln Model K Two Window Sedan


VIN K4894
BODY STYLE Two Window Five Passenger Sedan
FUEL Gasoline
MILES 28,814
INT COLOR Wool Broadcloth
EXT COLOR Slate Green
YEAR 1935
VIEWS 1642

Lincoln Model K

Interesting Fact: The Lincoln Model K was produced for nine years, from 1931 to 1940, by the Lincoln Motor Company. This was just the second motor line produced by their company and was developed off of the Model L. It was the first Lincoln to use a V-12 engine which became a staple of the…
Interesting Fact: The Lincoln Model K was produced for nine years, from 1931 to 1940, by the Lincoln Motor Company. This was just the second motor line produced by their company and was developed off of the Model L. It was the first Lincoln to use a V-12 engine which became a staple of the company for almost 20 years. This vehicle was perceived as one of the most exclusive vehicles of its time and featured multiple body configurations. The most powerful engine used in this vehicle is the 6.8-liter Lincoln L-head V12 engine with a three-speed manual transmission. The Lincoln Model K competed with vehicles such as the Cadillac V-12 and the Packard Twin Six. As 1940 grew closer, sales were beginning to decline on the Lincoln Model K as the newer Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Zephyr appealed to more buyers, leading to the end of production in January of 1940. This car is an instant classic for many car lovers!



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