1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster

Over 50 Awards, Pebble Beach, etc., Multiple 100 Points


Harry's Thoughts

I have known this gorgeous Cadillac for over ten years, including having the pleasure of judging it once or twice. It is an absolutely breathtaking Classic and unquestionably one of the nicest in the world.


Classic Promenade is pleased to offer for sale via Private Treaty this spectacular 1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster with over 50 Awards including from Pebble Beach, Villa d’Este and the 21-Gun Salute in India.  The quality of the restoration is so superior that it has been awarded “Best of Show” and 100-points numerous times.  Please forgive the frequent use of the word “perfect” through this description as we attempt to accurately describe the condition of our motorcar listings.

The livery is simply stunning in Silver and Black two-tone with twin red coach stripes perfectly sweeping the length of the body.   Perfect chrome adorns the entirely of this roadster.  We love the black painted wheels complimented with stainless spokes, giving it an elegant but sporty look.  The quality of the paint, chrome and finish are superb in every way.  Absolutely perfect and understandable why so many 100-point victories have been earned.  The original Goddess hood-ornament is beautiful and bears her correct serial number 91303.

The interior is striking with authentically tanned black leather seats and door panels.  The leather looks period correct, not like so many recently restored motorcars that look more like the leather from your new Mercedes.  The seats are filled with the correct horsehair for the proper density and responsiveness.  The engine turned dash and instrumentation are all perfectly as-new and work beautifully.  The top frame and piano black painted top bows are all perfect and striking.   The black Haartz canvas convertible top is perfect and tight.  The all-weather side curtains have some fading and do not match the deep rich black Haartz canvas convertible top and appear to have been done years ago.  The black rumble seat leather and finishing are also perfect and as-new.

Affixed to the Cadillac trunk rack is a Cadillac branded low-boy trunk with a beautiful set of fitted luggage.  The exterior is made from matching black canvas and the interior luggage is all leather with a beautiful and tasteful black and silver paisley fabric.

The roadster is accessorized with all of the important and correct optional components, except the quality and attention to detail is second to none.  The dual side mounts benefit from the black painted metal covers and dual mirrors with jewel-like engraving, including the Cadillac logo.  Dual Cadillac logoed Lorraine spotlights are mounted to the chrome windshield frame and dual Pilot Ray driving lamps adorn the front end.  On either side of the grill are the massive 13-inch Guide “Tiltray” headlights, chromed Klaxton horns and the chromed grill guard mounted in front of the grill.

The massive 452 CID V16 is the heart of this Cadillac.  The quality of the finish of this example is spectacular.  The engine and manifolds are beautifully finished in the correct black porcelain and polished and plated elsewhere.  The result is unquestionably one of the most impressive engine compartments of any classic era motorcar.  The 175 hp is smooth and effortless and its three-speed selective syncro-mesh transmission shifts smoothly.  The gearing is tall and quite suitable for driving at modern speeds, with third gear capable of pulling this from 2 mph to 100 mph.

The chassis is beautifully detailed, far exceeding what the V16’s looked like when new.  The finish is in excellent condition and will continue to garner perfect or near perfect judging scores.  This V16 comes complete with the rare original tool roll, jack, hub cap removal wrench, lube gun, tire pressure gauge and engine crank.

The value of this Cadillac has been discussed and reviewed by us and two other valuation experts within the industry.  All three experts agree that given the provenance and quality of this example, a 25-50% discount from the value of a pristine and original roadster is appropriate.  In the past year or so, several comparable roadsters have been sold at public auction ranging from $1.1 to $$1.4 million.  Our pricing is therefore based upon this valuation methodology.

HISTORY of this V16

This 1930 Cadillac V16 was ordered on March 21, 1930 and built new as what is thought to be an Imperial Limousine on April 7, 1930 at the Fleetwood plant in Detroit Michigan.  It is reported that the Cadillac was originally bought new by Mr. Atwater Kent of Philadelphia, PA and arrived at the Philadelphia Cadillac dealer on June 20, 1930.  Mr. Kent was the inventor of the Self-Starter and also operated the world’s largest radio manufacturer.  This helped make him become the richest man in America.

Mr. Kent enjoyed the Cadillac in Philadelphia and eventually transported it to his sprawling mansion in Bel Air, CA.  His estate in Bel Air is now the site of the famous and prestigious Bel Air Hotel.  It stayed at his estate until about 1941.  In the 1960’s the body had been altered to that of a Roadster and by the 1970’s Art Lehner owned it in Scottsville, VA.  Jack Miller acquired it in 1979 and by 1982 it was owned by Jerry Moore in Houston, TX.  Mr. Moore enjoyed the Roadster until 1999, when it was sold to Pete Todo of Hobart, IN.  Mr. Hobart then sold it to its present owner of the last 20 years.

Many of the leading restoration specialists have been involved in the restoration and rebuilding of this Roadster.  This roadster has been painstakingly and perfectly restored to have all the authentic details of one of the most desired classics of all time: the V-16 Roadster.  Details are documented in the attached history detail available on  This Roadster comes complete with its historical documentation, an original dealer sales brochure, Service Manuals, Information Manuals, Instruction Book, Shop Manual and more.

For more details and information, please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or email us at  The Cadillac is available for viewing at our Phoenix showroom.

1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster


VIEWS 6961

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April 27, 2021

Fabulous looking car. But I suggest changing the headline photo with the mountains in the background showing just over the top of the car — and, at first glance, looking like some sort of strange top configuration. This caught me out, and same for the one person to whom I showed the photo. The illusion would not be there if the car was moved a few feet forward, eliminating the alignment with the mountains.

1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster
1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster


VIN 702092
FUEL Gasoline
MILES 62,860
INT COLOR Black Leather
EXT COLOR Silver and Black Two-Tone
YEAR 1930
VIEWS 6961

Cadillac Series 452 V16

Introduced to great fanfare at the 1930 New York Auto Show, Cadillac’s V-16-powered Series 452 models were designed to compete with the finest automobiles in the world. Cadillac's V-16 engine -- designed by Owen Nacker -- produced 175 horsepower and quickly earned a reputation for its smooth and silent running. As Walter M.P. McCall wrote…
Introduced to great fanfare at the 1930 New York Auto Show, Cadillac’s V-16-powered Series 452 models were designed to compete with the finest automobiles in the world. Cadillac's V-16 engine -- designed by Owen Nacker -- produced 175 horsepower and quickly earned a reputation for its smooth and silent running. As Walter M.P. McCall wrote in 80 Years of Cadillac LaSalle, "It was the first automobile engine to bear the mark of a stylist," and featured hidden wires, polished aluminum, and glossy enamel and porcelain throughout. Like the rest of the car, regardless of body style fitted, it was a clear statement that this was no ordinary automobile and no ordinary owner.



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