1923 Paige Model 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton

Pebble Beach Concours, Calif Car, Rare!


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This is a beautifully restored Paige Model 6-70 that is ready for the showfield with only minor detailing. She is powerful and smooth. A very affordable and rare nickel era car on a 131-inch wheelbase!


SALE PENDING!!  – This is a beautifully restored 1923 Paige 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton that was shown at the Pebble Beach Concours and has accumulated a mere 250 miles since its complete nut and bolt restoration. The Paige Model 6-70 was a higher priced model that came equipped with a host of features rarely found in other motorcars.  This particular Paige was acquired by Clive and Janet Cussler in Scottsdale, AZ, now known as the Janet Cussler Car Collection.

The Paige was a mid to higher end motorcar built in Detroit from 1908 through 1927.  They were replete with numerous features found on only the most exclusive motorcars.  This Paige was found and acquired in Greeenville, CA in 1982 by Gordy Johnson of Alamo, CA.  It was an all-original car needing a complete and full restoration.  Complete in the history file are “as found” photos as well as restoration photos.

Mr. Johnson has been a longtime collector of rare and unusual motorcars, having shown his cars at Pebble Beach Concours seven times over the years.  Mr. Johnson set on a journey to completely restore this Paige to very high standards using several top-rated craftsmen to finish the wood, upholstery and more.   This Paige was honored to be shown at the 1995 Pebble Beach Concours. Mr. Johnson also showed the Paige at several Northern California concours events in Silverado, Hillsboro and Ironstone.

By May 18th, 1997, this Paige was acquired by Dean Weihe from Clayton, CA.    By May 4th, 2008, she was acquired by Alex Plotitsa from Memphis, TN.  About this time the Paige was featured in an article in Classic & Sports Car magazine.  By April 13th, 2019, this Paige had accumulated a mere 100 miles since its restoration and was then acquired by Clive and Janet Cussler for their collection in Scottsdale, AZ.  The Cussler’s are well respected for their knowledge of rare and desirable early motorcars.  It is now offered on behalf of the Collection with 250 miles accumulated since its restoration. (We have 130 photos in the photo gallery)

The livery is gorgeous in Burgundy and Black two tone with a black canvas convertible top.  The paint is still in very nice show condition consistent with 250 miles added since being restored.  The black canvas convertible top is as new and featured a beveled oval rear window.  The 24-inch wooden artillery wheels look new.  The gorgeous, sculptured chrome grill with its locking Motometer and headlights are in show condition as well.  The Paige featured many accessories, such as the double shock absorbing bumpers, cast aluminum windshield frames, dual side mounted spares and a beautifully designed cut curved area for the rear trunk.  This Paige has a fully restored trunk that is a showstopper.  The tinted external sun visor is a very practical feature that we benefitted from here in the Arizona sun.  Overall, this Paige is still quite a show car and is well detailed throughout.

The Black pleated leather interior is excellent and shows as new.  The leather is soft and supple.  The two jump seats in the rear compartment allow for a total of seven adults to ride in comfort.  The dashboard is also cast aluminum that is painted, and all of the instruments are integrated into the center of the dash under one glass unit, an advanced design.  The steering wheel is the correct all wood wheel that feels nice in your hands.  The dark gray wool carpeting is also as new and looks terrific.  All of the lighting and instruments function well.

The engine compartment is well detailed and is easily readied for show.  Paige was known for setting world speed records and building high performance cars.  The matching numbers 331 cid six-cylinder L-head design engine used for the Model 6-70 has an aluminum crankcase and three-speed transmission that shifts easily and smoothly on its 131-inch wheelbase.  Paige advertised that there was so much low-end torque that it would allow you to travel from 2mph to 60 mph in top gear.  This Paige cruises comfortably at 50 to 60 mph.  As with the rest of this Paige, this chassis, suspension and drivetrain have all been completely restored and are in outstanding condition.  A result of the 250 miles since restoration, this Paige should be thoroughly lubricated and readied before touring, as it has been shown and held in collections rather than toured in.

This Paige is complete with a wonderful historical file, restoration photos including the “as-found” photos, and copies of many Paige sales and reference manuals.

For more information and details, please call, text or email Harry Clark at +1.602.245.7200 or  This Paige is available for viewing in our Phoenix showroom.  We are pleased to offer FaceTime or WhatsApp live video inspections and we help coordinate shipping worldwide.  We also have financing partners if you are interested in financing.

1923 Paige Model 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton


VIEWS 1132

Videos: 1923 Paige Model 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton


1923 Paige Model 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton
1923 Paige Model 6-70 Seven Passenger Phaeton


VIN 143539
BODY STYLE Seven-Passenger Phaeton
FUEL Gasoline
INT COLOR Black Leather
EXT COLOR Burgundy and Silver Two-Tone
YEAR 1923
VIEWS 1132

Paige Model 6-70 Phaeton

Paige first began producing automobiles in 1908. The company's first car was a two-seat model powered by a 2.2-liter three-cylinder, two-stroke engine. This model continued until 1910, when a four-stroke, four-cylinder engine design took over. In 1911, the company's namesake was shortened to Paige. A six-cylinder model was added to the range in 1914. Four-cylinder…
Paige first began producing automobiles in 1908. The company's first car was a two-seat model powered by a 2.2-liter three-cylinder, two-stroke engine. This model continued until 1910, when a four-stroke, four-cylinder engine design took over. In 1911, the company's namesake was shortened to Paige. A six-cylinder model was added to the range in 1914. Four-cylinder models were dropped in 1916, leaving a choice of 3.7- or 4.9-liter sixes. Another name change occurred in 1919, when models fitted with a Duesenberg engine were known as Paige-Linwood, and models fitted with a Continental engine were listed as Paige-Larchmont. A straight-eight engine was added to the sixes in 1927. On January 21, 1921, a Paige 6-66 broke an American stock car speed record by covering a mile in 35.01 seconds at a speed of 102.8 miles per hour. The most notable Paige produced was the 1922-1926 Daytona, a 3-seat sports roadster with a 6-cylinder engine. The vehicle was a traditional coupe, with the novel third seat extending from the side of the car over the near side running board. Paige advertised the Daytona as being "The most beautiful car in America." Paige also produced less-expensive range of cars between 1923-1926. These were sold as Jewetts and were named for the Paige company president H. M. Jewett. For 1927, the Jewett name changed to Junior Paige.



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