Interesting Fact: The Packard Eight was in production for six years from 1930 to 1936 and was a smaller eight-cylinder model compared to the Super Eight. The Packard Eight utilizes a relatively powerful straight eight engine yet not as large or as powerful as the Super Eight or Twelve.

This model was originally advertised as a two-door roadster, but also had a convertible option. There is a unique feature on board the Packard Eight which is a rare swivel accelerator pad. Prices for this vehicle varied, but the low end was $2,425 which, in today’s terms, is more like $37,000.

There were a few variants of the Packard Eight that emerged over the years, such as the Eight and Eight Deluxe, but regardless of the body, there were minimal numbers of Packard Eights produced per day. This slow rate of production, along with the rare pieces of equipment within the car, make acquiring a Packard Eight a strong goal for any car collector!

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