1978 Cadillac Eldorado, Custom Biarritz Classic, 7k Miles, Ca “Blue Plate”, Two Owners!

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This is a pristine 7,300 mile two-owner Southern California car that has been treasured as a classic since new.  This is in concours condition as a completely original unmolested motorcar.  I have never seen a cleaner, all original undercarriage that looks as though it was detailed for concours competition (but the chassis is all original and has never been detailed).

We are selling this on consignment for a friend of ours from our local car club.  All of his cars have been maintained for show and touring- this in no exception.

The Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz was announced to the dealers in April 1978. The Classic was a limited production Biarritz model with only two-thousand units produced between May and July of 1978. The Classic included the following options which were basically offered on the Custom Biarritz. There was the two-tone exterior paint, which combined the Arizona beige and Demitasse brown which was on the front hood and the roof surface. There were additional options that were offered unique to the Classic which were the two-tone interior in light beige and dark saddle, leather wrapped steering wheel rim, gold plated Biarritz script on the exterior sail panels and the trunk lid, and dark brown accent stripping. The options for the Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic were available for an extra $2,466.

All of the 2,000 Classics were modified as original equipment at American Sunroof in the Southgate, Michigan plant. The Arizona beige Eldorados were sent to American Sunroof, and there, American Sunroof applied the caps for the padded half-vinyl elk grain roof treatments. They also applied the interior window trim to style-down the size of the back window to match the exterior vinyl top. The window was full sized but was covered by the interior trim and the cap that was applied.

The car came from Cadillac to American Sunroof with the interior pretty much complete with the two-tone interior treatment and leather wrapped steering wheel. The Arizona beige car was painted at American Sunroof with the Demitasse brown painted on the hood, and the front half of the roof was also painted Demitasse brown. The Biarritz trim molding was added as well as the dark brown accent striping. The special gold plated Biarritz script was also added. This completed the work by American Sunroof, and the cars were shipped back to the Cadillac factory.

The production of the Classics probably started in the first week in May of 1978 and continued until late July of 1978. When the Classic was completed, a sticker was added on the driver’s side door above the door lock mechanism on the end of the door jam. This example has the sticker intact as clear as the day it left the showroom.

1978 was the last year for the large, front-wheel drive Eldorado weighing in at 4,906 pounds and a wheel base of 126.3 inches and overall length of 224 inches (18.66 feet). In 1979, the down-sized Eldorado weighed in at 3792 pounds with a wheelbase 13 inches shorter and an overall length of 10 inches shorter than the 1978 Eldorado.

The engine was a cast iron block and head V-8 with displacement of 425 cubic inches (7.0 liters).  A link to detailed articles, brochures and other interesting information on this rare model can be found at this link: http://members.cox.net/phxjer/eldo/documents.htm

Cadillac Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic Specifications:

Availability: 1978 only
Production: 2,000

Accessory code: YP6
Sales code: B
Option cost: $2,466

Paint codes: 62 – Arizona Beige and 64 – Demitasse Brown Metallic
Vinyl Roof code: T – Light Beige
Interior Trim code: 644 – Light Beige and Dark Saddle Leather

If you are serious about adding the last of the big Eldorados to your collection, and desire to have the best, consider this example.  We are pricing it to sell quickly.  Please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email at harry@classicpromenade.com.

1978 Cadillac Eldorado, Custom Biarritz Classic, 7k Miles, Ca “Blue Plate”, Two Owners!



1978 Cadillac Eldorado, Custom Biarritz Classic, 7k Miles, Ca “Blue Plate”, Two Owners!
1978 Cadillac Eldorado, Custom Biarritz Classic, 7k Miles, Ca “Blue Plate”, Two Owners!



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