1930 Plymouth, Model 30-U Sedan, Two Families for 80 Years! Survivor!!

This is an amazing survivor.  This is a 1930 Plymouth Model 30-U built in Detroit in the first half of May, 1930.  Since then it has travelled under 49,800 miles and has been owned by two families for over 80 years!!  It retains all of its originality with one repaint done decades ago.

On June 6, 1930, Mr. Art Waterman of Blue Hill Nebraska bought this Plymouth for $750.  He borrowed $50 from Commercial Bank, traded in his old Ford and had saved $600 in cash for the occasion.  He loved his old Plymouth.  He kept it for the next 42 years until he sold it to Bob Kreuger of Ayr, Nebraska six miles up the road.

Mr. Kreuger paid the princely sum of $400 for the car.  That was on July 20, 1972.

About 25 years later Mr. Kreuger’s son inherited the Plymouth and he owns it today.   All this is documented, including the series of gas rationing stamps and certifications necessary during the early 1930’s, that are still on this cars windshield.   There are even registration documents dating from 1945.

The US was in the height of the depression and Plymouth only offered this one model in several body styles.  All were offered on a 109 inch wheelbase chassis with a 196.1 cubic inch four cylinder engine offering 48 HP and 120 ft. lbs. of torque.

This offering is in amazing original condition.  The original mohair upholstery shows patina and has several areas of wear, but it looks, smells and feels just right.  It appears to have been repainted; likely the repaint was performed in the 1960’s.  It is a cheap re-paint but it too looks right.  This car has never had rust or accidents.  It has been important to its owners all its life and has been treated with respect.

The entire car just seems so original and of the depression era it screams to us to take it out and show it off!  This is an important part of American history, when times were tough and people were blessed not to be in a bread line!

The engine runs well but is noisy.  It has been like this for at least the past 40 years.  We recently serviced the Auto-Vac and exhaust manifold gasket.  But a full service and new tires would benefit the car greatly and help to make it very road worthy.

This is a great old car.

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