2008 Aston Martin Vantage V8 Roadster, 14k Miles, Auto, Gorgeous!

This is a gorgeous Vantage Roadster that is nearly as new with only 14,000 miles accumulated in Southern California.  True to the provenance of Aston Martin, this Vantage Roadster is completely hand-built.  The detail and design characteristics of the Roadster require the painstaking patience that only hand-built perfection can offer.  The design is simply gorgeous and sexy.  Every line on the Roadster was thought through and optimized.  And the car offers far more than beauty, it’s technology and performance are incredible as well.  New this Vantage sold for in excess of $125,000.

It is almost as-new.  There are no scratches, chips, dents, etc. on the exterior.  The bottom of the front airdam has a small area of spider webbing as shown in the photo included in the gallery.  Otherwise it is nearly as new.  The interior is also nearly as-new and as one would expect for a car that has been babied and has accumulated 14,000 miles.  You won’t be disappointed!

Although there are many reasons for this excellent performance–light weight and efficient aerodynamics among them–the key is the engine, the heart of any great sports car. This V8 has been specifically designed and developed for the Vantage Roadster and Vantage Coupé. Hand assembled at Aston Martin’s purpose-built engine facility in Cologne, Germany, it is a light, compact, all-alloy unit – high performance yet ultra-responsive even at the lower end of the rev range. Its maximum torque is an impressive 302 lb ft, 75 per cent of which is delivered at just 1500 rpm – barely more than idle – making the Roadster extremely tractable and great fun to drive. Push harder, and that V8 engine revs freely, delivering refined, exhilarating pace.  This motorcar features the F1 racing style automatic transmission.

The exhaust system is highly effective. Each bank of cylinders features a four-into-two-into-one manifold – an arrangement more usually found on racing cars – which improves breathing and therefore performance. Special bypass valves provide a quieter exhaust note at low speed, opening at higher engine speeds to reduce the pressure in the exhaust system, raise the power output and provide a more rousing accompaniment.

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