1990 Mercedes 500SL, One Family CA Car, Strawberry/Parchment, 170k Miles

This was bought new in Southern California by the father of the present owner.  For the past 22 years it has been in one family here in Southern California.  It has been used regularly and has accumulated 170,000 miles.

We love the very rare color combination: Strawberry livery with Parchment leather interior.  It is the original paint and the car has never been in an accident and has been relatively well maintained.

The overall condition of the SL is good, with some scratches and only a couple small dents.  The interior is in good condition also with no tears or major blemishes.

From the owner: “Here is what I know about the car: I have all maintenance paperwork from when my Father bought it up through the present.  I have the hardtop on and there is a refurbished soft top. There is some sun damage to the leather / plastic around the rear view mirror. The AC works okay. Many times the air will stop coming out of the center vents after several minutes of driving and comes out the sides only, but it is still cold air. The dome light comes on only when the passenger door is opened and not when the driver door is opened.  The windshield fluid reservoir is cracked and leaks and needs to be replaced. It has AMG Wheels and high performance tires.  It has about 170,000 miles and runs strong.”

The soft top is in good condition and is black in color.  The hard top comes with the car as well as the wind screen.

This is an opportunity to own a 500SL in a rare color for a very reasonable price.  Being a one owner CA car you can know that it has been cared for and is free of rust.

For more information please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

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