1965 Ford F-100, One Family Since New, Fully Restored!!!

This is a body off, fully restored long bed F-100 with the original V-8 three speed stick and just one family since new!!  This gorgeous truck is truly in showroom condition.  It belongs to one of my closest friends (Lark and Larry Miller of Murrieta, CA) and was her grandpa’s truck back on the ranch in Texas.  She learned how to drive in this truck all those years ago!

It was bought new by Barney Jackson (Lark’s Grandpa) in 1965 in Dallas, Texas.  We love the specifications: V-8 with column three-speed manual in light blue and white two tone paint.  He drove to out to California to visit family and then back to his Texas ranch where it stayed until 1999.

Lark and Larry Miller visited Grandpa’s ranch and decided that they wanted to keep Grandpa’s truck in the family.  They retrieved the F-100 from the field and shipped it to their farm in Southern California.  They took the truck to a neighboring restoration shop to have it “freshened up”.  Well, two weeks later they dropped by and the shop had removed the cab and bed from the frame and had commenced a full restoration.

Two years and countless dollars later, Lark and Larry had completed a complete restoration on Grandpa’s truck.  Every component had been gone through and restored.  It now appears as-new.

The reason for the sale of this dear family heirloom is that it is far too nice to be kept at their farm and the impending sale of their home causes them to lose their third garage space.  They cannot stand to see this new 1965 F-100 get soiled outside of a garage!!  And we cannot blame them!

Look at the photos carefully.  This is a true keepsake.

For more details please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

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