1957 Porsche Beck Speedster Replica, Electric Modification, 2k Miles Since New!!

PRICE REDUCED $9,000 for QUICK SALE!  This is a stunning example of “green” meets high-style in an all-electric Classic Speedster!  This is one of a handful ever built.  Leave it as a super cool nearly-new green sports touring car or convert to gas and have a nearly new Beck Speedster at half the cost of new!  And with only about 2,000 miles covered this example is just gorgeous!

This example has the tonneau cover, convertible top and side curtains.  It also has front disc brakes for added safety- this is not a golf cart!  It was converted when new to an all electric vehicle by an engineer that converted about five similar cars. There are 32 3.3 volt 110 amp hour lithium iron phosphate batteries that make up the power plant and a separate 12 volt battery for the lights and axillary systems.   The nominal voltage is 120 volts.  The total watt hours of energy is 11.6 kwts.  The full range is approximately 70 to 100 miles (depending on how you drive, etc.).  The charging system uses typical household 110 outlets.

The overall performance of the Speedster is about the same as an original.  The top speed is estimated to be 75 mph, maybe 80 mph.

Look closely at the photos and watch the inspection video.  We carefully review the condition of the car and take it for a test drive!!  The Speedster could benefit from a new set of batteries as the present range is estimated to be about 30-35 miles on a full charge.  The batteries are made in China and are readily available at a multitude of resellers.  The cost to replace the batteries is approximately $3,500.  This cost is more than made up for in the selling price!!

[tmm_video cover_image=”” cover_image_on_mobiles=”1″ width=”” height=”” sc_id=”sc382003689185″]http://youtu.be/vQEB8uW_qK8[/tmm_video]

It has tons of torque and has the normal compliment of four speed manual transmission, etc. as one would find on a typical Speedster.  More details can be found on the Beck Speedster website: http://www.beckspeedster.com/generalproductinfo/beckspeedster.html

The Beck Speedster has an international reputation for quality.  Their production facility is in Northern Indiana and their cars are hand built using modern technology throughout.  Features include:

  • Full Leather Interiors – including seating, door panels, side pockets, etc.
  • Hand Laid Fiberglass Bodies
  • 3” DOM Tubular Chassis
  • Retractable 3-point Seatbelts
  • Locking Doors
  • Laminated AS-1 Certified Windscreen w/Defroster
  • A-Frame Manual Scissor Top w/Matching Side Curtains

For more information please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

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