1954 VW Beetle, Calif Car, Two Owner, Restored!

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We are pleased to offer our first Volkswagen Beetle having just 125 miles since a full restoration.  This is a fully restored 1954 Oval Window two owner Southern California car.  The first owner used the car in Malibu and throughout Southern California.  In about 1963, Jack West, his close friend, continued commenting on how nice his Beetle was and was finally offered to buy it.  So buy it he did!  At that time it had accumulated about 45,000 miles. 

Jack liked the car but frankly didn’t need it.  So he stored it as a car that someday he would restore and enjoy.  Forty years later he did!!  In 2004 Jack had the car completely restored by specialty craftsmen throughout Orange County, California.  He always liked the 1930’s Cord color of Cigarette Cream and painted the Beetle in this color, complemented with red interior.  This is one cute Beetle!!

The mechanicals were completely rebuilt by the very best engineers Jack could find.  The Beetle has benefited from radial tires and a vintage Porsche 12 Volt alternator.  The original AM radio has been completely restored and converted to 12 volts as well. 

The car has worn the California “Blake Plate” JPF 667 for all of it’s life except the last few years.   Shortly after the car was restored, Jack and his wife moved to Maine.  He had the car shipped to Maine and covered it and placed it in a car capsule.  He would take the car out of the capsule to start it and service it, having accumulated 125 miles over the past six years.  There are no leaks and the car will be fully recommissioned and serviced prior to sale.

By 1954 the Beetles benefited from the increase in engine size to 1,200 cc, which supplied a full 36 hp.  This was a drastic improvement over the older 25 hp predecessor.  Also added was a starter integrated with the ignition key rather than a separate button.

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