1952 Crosley Pick-up, Fully Restored, Gorgeous! Rare, Tour or Show!

This is a terrific find.  A Crosley pick-up truck that was restored by one of the top Crosley specialists in the US.  It was fully restored in about 2009 in Florida and can be used for touring and show.

It still retains most all the original features and has the added benefits of seat belts being installed and a very cool exhaust system that reminds us of semi-trucks!

The restoration quality overall is very consistent and likely about the quality as the Crosley’s were when new.  It shows several years of age but is still a fabulous car ready for showing with a slight amount of detailing.  The interior is very nice with red vinyl that matches well the red livery.

A very rare option on this Crosley is roll-up windows.  This is a deluxe feature and much better than the sliding windows that would otherwise be available.

This is a terrific opportunity to own a fully restored and tour ready (well at least in-town tours) Crosley pick-up.  For more information please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

Classic Promenade
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