1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, Ca Car, Three Owners, Survivor!

This is a well documented survivor Lincoln Continental Cabriolet (Convertible).  It has had three owners since new and runs and drives well.  We are quite convinced that the 89,000 miles showing on the odometer is accurate.

Having the original V-12 with three speed manual and overdrive, this Lincoln drives beautifully.  We toured through Wine Country in 90 degree F weather with no issues at all.  Great oil pressure and the motorcar ran cool.  With little effort this would be a terrific CCCA CARavan tour car.  As a CCCA Full Classic this can participate in many events world-wide.

It was likely repainted, reupholstered with a new top and engine rebuild in the late 1960’s and therefore has almost original patina today.  This would be an ideal car to enjoy as is and improve it over time or embark on a full restoration.  It is nearly rust free (as you would expect from a California car).  Of the 400 convertibles made in 1941, this has to be one of the few remaining survivors.

The first owner, General Thomas O. Hardin, of the Lincoln enjoyed it until 1954.  He was an Air Force General serving in WWII and a very early LCOC member (LCOC Member No. 251).  The second owner, Marion Scott, had the car from 1954 to 2007.  Mr. Scott showed the car throughout the San Diego area and amassed numerous trophies (included in the photo gallery and included with the purchase of the car).  The third owner, Paul Katson, had it from 2007 to 2012. The last First Place trophy from the LCOC is from 1979.

Included with the car are a comprehensive collection of registration cards and receipts from 1954 until present.

The Continental was considered a sub-series of the Zephyr and shared its 292 cubic-inch, 120 horsepower V-12 with aluminum heads.  The Continental and Zephyr shared the same 125-inch wheelbase, though styling was similar yet distinct. Priced at $2,926 it cost twice that of a Zephyr. Frank Lloyd Wright said the Continental was ‘the most beautiful car he had ever seen.’ John Steinbeck said that no other car ‘so satisfied my soul.’ Time magazine would ultimately put the Continental on its list of 100 best-designed commercial products of all-time.

It is very rare to see the Continental Cabriolets.  It is even more rare to see them in such original condition.  For more details please contact Harry Clark at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.


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