1919 Maxwell 25 Phaeton, Southern CA Car Since New, 61k mi, Same Family 60 Years!

This Maxwell was purchased new in Southern California in 1920 (VIN 312973).  In 1952 it was won at the Riverside County Fair as a raffle prize and has remained with the same family since.  60 years with one family in Hemet, CA.   It is as rust and accident free as you likely find!!

The Maxwell has travelled 61,000 miles over the years and was given paint and significant mechanical re-freshening from about 2002 through 2004.  Noted Rolls Royce restorer Fred Buess, Jr. was involved with helping the grandson source services for the “restoration”, but the work is of a lower quality level.  The livery is a pleasant soft pastel yellow with black fenders and wheels.  The quality of the work performed is generally OK, not even close to show standards.

Back in about 1972 the electric starter started acting up and the family removed the starter, which is now misplaced.  The four cylinder engine starts easily with the hand crank, and has ever since 1972!  The interior, top and side curtains were also all replaced over the years with lower quality workmanship but very useable and in correct patterns.  We have the original side curtains and the new replacements.  The top mechanisms are all original, correct and work well.

The only other missing items that we are aware of are the four hood hold-downs.  When the Maxwell was repainted they went missing!  It comes with the original jack and spare parts as shown in the photographs, including a California Historical Vehicle license plate to the car from decades ago.

The four-cylinder engine runs well and is complimented by the three speed transmission.  The original vacuum gas tank still operates well and the gas tank was cleaned several years ago.  We’ve driven it around the block once and it sure acts like a 1919 Maxwell!!  In July, the family drove it through the 4th of July parade in Idylwild, CA.  It drove just fine!

Look over the detailed photos.  The chassis is very rust free and the car is very solid and original.

It is rare to find a 1919 Maxell Phaeton.  It is rarer still to find one that was a California car since new and in one family for 60 years.  We are pleased to offer this wonderful antique for sale.  For more details please call Harry at 951.901.5088 or email us at harry@classicpromenade.com.

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